The Best Futsal Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020

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Our Guide To Choosing The Top Futsal Indoor Shoes After 2015

When looking for the best soccer indoor shoes it’s important to do some research. The fast pace of futsal means that players quickly develop control and technique. But, to do this, they need good quality shoes that are going to be up to the task. With one of the differences between futsal and indoor soccer being that there are no walls in futsal, it is imperative that a shoe has good grip.

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Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V IC

Our favorite for 2017
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Kelme Michelin Star 360

A great value option
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adidas Performance Men’s X 15.4

A great pair of shoes

The game is quick due to the slick surface of the playing area and if a player can’t make a quick turn and get to the ball in time, there is no point in playing. Therefore, you can not make do with regular running shoes. You need a shoe that is specifically designed for the rigors of the game.

When setting out to buy a pair of futsal shoes, begin by getting an overview of what’s available at your local sporting goods store and/ or online. You can search using the terms “futsal shoes”, “indoor soccer/football shoes”, or “indoor soccer/football boots”.

You’ll quickly notice that these shoes look less like traditional soccer cleats and more like regular running shoe, but don’t be fooled. The fit and technology is quite different. For a start, they are designed to be snugly fitted with about a ¼ inch of room between your toe and the end of the shoe. Try on a pair in your usual size to see how this feels. You may need to go up or down a size but be sure to maintain the snugness.

For more details on how to buy the best futsal shoes, see the full guide below.


412IiaORnbL. SL160  The Best Futsal Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020Adidas Performance Men’s X 15.4 Indoor Soccer Shoe – This shoe is a good entry-level offering for those just starting out in futsal. The upper is synthetic, keeping the price low and providing ease of clean up. It also keeps the shoe lightweight. They have a soft lining for comfort and the outsoles are non-marking and give good grip. Although they will stretch a little, the shoes are quite narrow and so it is advised to order up about half a size. They are not suited to wider feet. They come in solar orange or solar yellow with black accents. The Adidas logo is on the back of the heel in black.

41UwDnXZUlL. SL160  The Best Futsal Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020Kelme Star 360 Mens Michelin Leather Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes – These shoes from Kelme will appeal to a player who is looking for a shoe that is a different to the usual soccer look  and is smart enough to wear on the street. The coolness factor is high! Not just a shoe that looks good, the shoes are reported to perform well on the pitch. The leather and mesh uppers come in a wide variety of colors and the soles are non-marking. They do run large, however. So, it is advised to order a half a size down from what you’d usually wear. They also suit some wider feet but trying on is advised.

41T4CKOMAaL. SL160  The Best Futsal Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V IC Indoor Soccer Shoe – The Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory shoes come in a wide variety of solid colors with the Nike swoosh printed across the top of the shoe. There is also one color that looks speckled at the heel, like stars in the night sky. The synthetic upper provides a good snug fit that is best after breaking in for a few days. The outsole is non-marking and extends the full length of the shoe and wraps up to the base of the toes. By all accounts these shoes are very comfortable and provide precision grip. They fit true to size and are easy to wipe clean.

41bVICaV5kL. SL160  The Best Futsal Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020Nike Gato II Men’s Soccer Shoes – These smart black shoes with the Nike swoosh down the sides have leather uppers for comfort and fit. The rubber grip outsoles have a camouflage print to them making these shoes unique in appearance. The fit is snug, as a soccer shoe should be, but bear in mind that the leather will stretch and relax over time. However, if you are normally at the top end of your shoe size (eg. you can wear a 10 OR 10.5) then order up half a size. People who have owned these shoes tend to be loyal and come back for more as they are durable, comfortable, long lasting, and accurate on the pitch.

410D5pM4u8L. SL160  The Best Futsal Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020Diadora Men’s Forza ID Soccer Shoe – Classic in design, these are some of the top futsal shoes on the market. They come in one color, black with the Diadora design on the side in white and could even pass for everyday street shoes. They are made of leather and synthetic with a cotton and EVA insole. The outsole is non-marking gum rubber in white and neutral. The surface stitching allows for better ball control and gives the shoe dimension as does the lace shield. All things considered, they are a robust and quality shoe that will appeal to someone looking in the lower price range.

Buyers Guide -  How To Choose The Right Futsal Trainers For You

There are five things you should think about when buying futsal shoes. Here they are broken down for you into one easy to use guide.

Foot type

men playing futsal The Best Futsal Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020If you do not already know, consider getting your gait assessed in a retail store or by a doctor for pronation or supination. If you have either of these going on within your step it means that you are either leaning inward or outward on your foot as you step. This can cause loss of agility and potentially create damage while playing. The right shoe can help to correct this issue.

Foot width

Some people are already aware that they have wide feet from buying normal shoes. But even those who think they have average width feet might find that snug fitting futsal shoes just don’t suit them. If this is you, try on a pair aimed at “wide” feet. Just be sure there is no side to side movement within the shoe.

Foot length

As mentioned, you need about a quarter of an inch of space between the end of your toe and the front of the shoe. You might need to play around with shoe sizes, styles,  and manufacturers in order to get a pair that works for your foot.


Futsal shoes come in synthetic leather, regular leather, and kangaroo leather. While synthetic is the cheapest and easiest to keep clean, the natural leathers will mold to your feet and bring comfort.


The sky’s the limit! The cheapest shoes are not always poor quality but do your research and you may find a bargain.

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