Pink Soccer Cleats – Could You Play In The Pink?

pink soccer cleats Pink Soccer Cleats   Could You Play In The Pink?

If you have been playing soccer long enough, then you probably remember a time when there were very few options when it came to buying soccer cleats. Indeed it is often remarked upon by ex-players that in “their day” everybody wore black cleats and you were considered to be quite flashy if your cleats boasted any colour on them at all (even white!).

But, as time passed, sport began to get more and more fashion conscious, as sportsmen like Andre Agassi began to bring flashes of color and style to sports that had previously been largely monochrome. In this climate it was no longer the norm to wear soccer cleats and that were just one color. If you did go for a more brightly colored cleat then you could draw attention to yourself, which, if you were good enough, meant your skills were bathed in the limelight. Indeed, even if you were rubbish, brightly colored cleats at least got you noticed.

So nowadays, it is commonplace to find professional players sporting pink cleats in big matches without any fear. It seems that even the toughest and most skilled are now comfortable wearing this fun color.

Our Favourite Pink Soccer Cleats

You may not be able to find a lot of pink cleats at your local soccer store, especially for men, but when you go on-line you will see that there are a variety of pink soccer shoes now being sold. Almost every soccer shoe brand produces at least one pink model, with many of these companies providing a variety of pink soccer shoes for almost any purpose.

Whether you are searching for a soft pink pair of indoor soccer shoes, or something vibrant, shocking, or wild to make a statement on the outdoor arena, you will have no problem finding pink cleats that meet your needs on-line.

Whilst pink cleats may be seem as gimmicky in some circles, the pairs we review below are top quality shoes that we feel will definitely improve your game. So why not get yourself into the pink?

PUMA evoSPEED 1.2 Camo FG Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

When it comes to buying a stunning pair of pink firm ground soccer shoes, you will definitely get everyone’s attention in these PUMA evoSPEED 1.2 Camo FG Firm Ground Soccer Shoes. It is unlikely that you have ever seen a pair of soccer shoes that look anything like this, with a variety of hot pink camouflage dots creating a unique pattern.

This is a very bold and stunning cleat that is not only a huge fashion statement, but is one of the most highly engineered and desired shoes of its kind. This cleat is very lightweight, weighing in at just 7 ounces, and is made with a cushioned EVA insole and a lightweight, high performance outsole that is backed with a Pebax Speedtrack spine to help you get the quickest reaction time and the highest level of durability. These can be used on both firm and natural surfaces, and are reportedly being worn by both Radamel Falcao and Sergio Aguero.

We’re huge fans of Sergio Aguero here at soccer gear reviews and we did feel a bit like the great man when wearing these cleats. These cleats genuinely seemed to add a sense of balance and poise to our game and we would definitely recommend them if you are thinking of going down the pink cleat pathway.

Nike FC247 Elastico II Indoor Soccer Shoes

If you are in the market for an extremely stylish pair of indoor soccer shoes, then you cannot go wrong with this pair of Nike FC247 Elastico II Indoor Soccer Shoes. These certainly make a strong statement, whether they are worn during the game or for leisure. They have a yellow reflective soul and highlights, along with a silver “swoosh” alongside. The laces also have a metallic look to them, giving the shoes a certain amount of flash in any situation.

Nike FC247 Elastico II Indoor Soccer Shoes have a low profile EVA midsole along with a sculpted rubber outsole that is thin enough to provide you with agility, flexibility, and enough traction on any surface. These way just 6.8 ounces and they are available in sizes from two to 11 ½.

We saw our first  pair of ‘Elastico’ shoes they were been worn outside a soccer arena and we were quite taken by their striking looks, but wondered how they would perform on on a (indoor) soccer pitch. After taking the shoes for a test run we were impressed, the shoes felt light yet were still sturdy enough to add an impressive amount of power to our shots and passes. There’s always a chance when you’re wearing pink cleats that if you play badly you’ll be drawing more attention to yourself, but we think that these cleats are good enough to give you every chance of making a bold fashion statement and having a great game.

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