The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020

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What to look for in the ideal pair of Nike indoor soccer shoes

Nike has been associated with soccer for decades, and some of the world’s top players including Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, Neymar of Barcelona and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney all wear shoes bearing the famous swoosh logo. The growing popularity of futsal called for shoes designed specifically for indoor soccer, and Nike now has a wide range of options available ranging from classic styles to the latest contemporary designs.

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Mercurial Victory V
Our favorite for 2016
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Nike Davinho Soccer Shoes
A great value option
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Hypervenom Phelon IC
A fantastic indoor cleat

While very few serious soccer players would ever take to the field in a competitive match wearing inappropriate footwear, they may sometimes practice or play indoors in a pair of regular running shoes. Indoor soccer shoes and running shoes often look very much alike at first glance, but a closer inspection will reveal that they are actually very different. Major manufacturers like Nike pack their indoor soccer cleats with advanced technology, and touches often invisible to the naked eye are added to improve traction, maneuverability and ball control. Running shoes or sneakers may be just fine for a casual kick about, but wearing the right shoes for futsal or indoor soccer could be the difference between making the team and sitting on the bench.

Playing soccer indoors often involves working in tight spaces and making sharp turns, and the right futsal shoes will have been designed with this in mind. The choices available to players shopping for indoor Nike soccer shoes may seem bewildering at first, and some may wish to narrow down their options before they begin to shop.


41dO0hLjMnL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Mercurial Victory V IC - The Mercurial Victory V is not for wallflowers as it’s hard not to be noticed in this shoe. Available in colors including pink, yellow and orange, the Mercurial Victory V backs up its space-age styling with a full-length rubber outsole that delivers almost unreal levels of traction. The uppers are made from a combination of genuine leather and synthetic materials, and a contoured sockliner ensures that the Mercury is always comfortable.

41SpWTGM0QL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Hypervenom Phelon IC - Many attacking players love the Hypervenom Phelon IC. Nike designers shortened the shoe’s lace area to increase the strike zone for blistering shots, and the thin synthetic upper feels and fits like a glove. The Hypervenom also features a decoupled outsole made of gum rubber to improve agility and supportive cushioning for a perfect fit. This is one of the most advanced indoor shoes on the market, and it offers players an unparallelled combination of comfort, ball feel and performance. The Hypervenom Phelon IC is available in either green and black or black and white.

41Kp3vjODlL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe - The Nike Davinho is a perfect choice for players who want the traditional looks of classic leather soccer shoes without the associated maintenance hassles. This is a classic Nike design that could easily have been worn by the bygone legends of the game, but looks can be deceiving. The Davinho’s synthetic upper integrates breathable mesh for comfort and its rubber outsole features a multi-directional grip for tight turns and precision passes. The Shoe is made even more comfortable by added cushioning at the heel and forefoot.

41IToqgdWTL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Mercurial Victory V IC CR7 - All serious soccer fans and players know what CR7 means. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the sports brightest stars, and he wears the number seven for the ten-time European Champions Real Madrid. Ronaldo is known for his blistering pace and exquisite touch, and the Mercurial Victory V IC CR7 is designed to enhance these qualities in players with more mortal skills. The micro texture upper provides excellent fit and ball control, and the rubber outsole is designed to allow the near impossible maneuverability that CR7 is known for. Control is further enhanced by an internal cage that locks the foot in place.

41pCXhPY8JL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Tiempo Genio Leather IC - A quilted design and full-length Nike logo give the Tiempo Genio a distinctive look, and a gum rubber outsole and textured forefoot provide exceptional control and ball touch. The shoe features side vents for extra comfort and a Phylon midsole provides additional cushioning. The full-grain leather upper is waterproofed for added durability, and the shoe has recently been redesigned to be lighter and softer than ever.

Buyers guide – how to choose the right Nike soccer indoor shoes for you

Most players want an indoor soccer shoe that can improve their game without breaking the bank. Nike offers a number of good choices, and even their budget styles are packed with innovative technology. Comfort and fit may the most important considerations as players are rarely able to perform at their best in uncomfortable shoes, but durability should not be overlooked. Players perform well when their shoes fit snugly, but not tightly, at the toe and heel, and uppers made of thinner leather or high-technology synthetic materials give players better feel and control.

nike indoor soccer shoes 300x225 The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Price is an important consideration for many buyers, but a higher price does not always indicate more sophisticated technology. Shoes made by leading athletic apparel manufacturers like Nike sell in huge numbers, and this allows soaring research and development costs to be absorbed more easily.

The materials used in a shoe’s construction can also affect fit. Leather uppers may be a little unyielding at first, but they will stretch slightly and become more supple with wear. Synthetic materials are softer when new, and they will generally retain their original properties. While modern athletic shoes are usually made extremely well, they will often last longer when they are taken care of properly. Players should knock loose dirt off their shoes immediately after playing, and they may also wish to place newspaper inside them after returning home. This allows shoes to dry more evenly, and it can also help to maintain shape and fit.

What Kind Of Indoor Soccer Cleats Are Right For You?

There are a few factors that you may want to keep in mind when you are looking at shoes to play indoor soccer in, not least of which is the weight of the shoe. Many indoor shoes tend to be lighter in weight than traditional soccer cleats, due in part to the fact that they do not have studs. But, there are other aspects to indoor cleats that you will appreciate, including their lightweight materials, flexibility, and unique styling.

It is also worth considering the differences between the indoor game and the outdoor game when choosing indoor shoes. The indoor game is likely to require more sprinting, and turning in tighter areas so choosing a shoe with good grip and mobility is essential. Also, indoor games are often played in more humid environments so you’d be well advised to choose a shoe that keeps you feet cool and gives them a chance to breathe.

Nike is now making more indoor cleats than ever before, and what you will notice about them this year is that many of them have a unique and distinctive styling. A lot of these shoes are made to be serious fashion statements, whether they are created in iridescent, fluorescent, or extremely bright colors.

But, it is not just the coloring and styling that has changed with the shoes, since they now incorporate a number of new technologies that make them better on indoor courts. If you are taking your soccer game seriously, then you cannot go wrong with Nike shoes.

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