How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Your Child’s Soccer Cleats?

Soccer cleats can be purchased for as little as $10 or as much as $250. When considering how much to spend on your child’s soccer cleats, there are several variables to consider.

How old is your child?

A child’s foot is different than an adult’s foot. The Institute for Preventative Foot Health says that feet can change sizes as frequently as every three or four months, and they don’t stop growing until a child reaches young adulthood. As a general rule, the younger your child is, the more often you’ll have to purchase larger shoes, so that must be considered into the cost.

How long is your child’s soccer season?

children playing football 300x170 How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Your Childs Soccer Cleats?The length of your child’s soccer season can vary greatly depending on the type of teams and region. If your child is playing recreational soccer in a single season, you can often keep a single pair of cleats for an entire season. Often, parents will work out an exchange with other players so that multiple children can benefit from a pair of cleats that may have only been worn for a few months. If your child plays on competitive traveling teams or overlays school teams with recreational teams, it’s possible that soccer play could extend all year. In those cases, both foot growth and wear and tear could dictate purchasing multiple pairs of cleats within a year, so this must be factored into the cost.

Do you know your child’s shoe size?

Purchasing cleats online can be a great way to find some amazing deals and save money; however, if you’re going to buy online, be certain you know your child’s actual shoe size. We often assume that our child will wear the same size as before, or maybe a half-size up. According to the Wall Street Journal, more than a third of men and almost half of women are not wearing the right size shoes. The solution is simple. Before you buy online, take the time to go into a shoe store and have your foot measured properly. That way, you can be assured to get the best value and the best fit.

What are the team requirements for the cleats?

Your child’s soccer coach will probably have specific recommendations or requirements about the types of cleats to purchase. A good overview of the anatomy of a soccer cleat can be found at It is important to purchase the right shoes based on frequency of play. You should also consider whether your child will be playing on artificial turf or grass.

football boot collection 300x200 How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Your Childs Soccer Cleats?Ultimately, your budget for soccer cleats will be dependent on your child’s circumstances. According to the average retail price of soccer shoes from 2007-2004 was just over $37. As your child gets older and wears cleats for a longer season, the more you can comfortably invest in longer-lasting cleats. Your child’s foot health is important, and these factors can help you make a safe but economical decision.

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