Is it a Good Idea to Let Your Kids Play Soccer on Your Lawn?

A well-manicured lawn may as well be worth its weight in gold. Many people would immediately cringe at the idea of letting their kids play soccer on it, potentially ruining the lawn that has been meticulously fertilized, watered, and manicured. All the hours of blood, sweat, and tears might just go down the drain if kids were to impact it with running to and fro for hours a day. So what’s a parent to do? Let your kids play soccer, of course!

The Next David Beckham

nike soccer balls 300x199 Is it a Good Idea to Let Your Kids Play Soccer on Your Lawn?The benefits of letting them play soccer all outweigh the value of your lawn. For example, your child could be the next David Beckham and make over $50 million dollars in one year. David Beckham knew from as early as grade school that he wanted to be a footballer, which is what they call soccer in England. His teachers didn’t believe him, but he said, “that was the only thing I ever wanted to do.”

In fact, David Beckham was so skilled at soccer by the age of 17, that he started his professional career with Manchester United. He went on to win the Premier League title 6 times, and has one of the most notable soccer careers out there. In 2013, he was listed as one of the highest paid players in the world, and as stated above, earned 50 million dollars in one year. You can watch David Beckham’s top 10 goals below.

Non-Contact Sport

Whether your child is planning to go pro one day or not, there are other perks to letting them play soccer on your precious lawn. First of all, it is generally a non-contact sport. So, parents don’t have to worry about their child getting smashed into the ground or possibly getting a concussion.

Added Concentration Skills

Could you child benefit from a little added concentration skills? One complaint from parents and teachers is that children today don’t have the ability to concentrate and pay attention to the tasks they are given. There is just too much to be distracted by with all the electronic games and media that is available. Soccer, however, promotes concentration skills as well as persistence and self-discipline. What more could a parent want?


children playing football 300x170 Is it a Good Idea to Let Your Kids Play Soccer on Your Lawn?We all know that exercise is important for children and adults, but did you know that playing a team sport, such as soccer, can increase your child’s self esteem and help reduce anxiety? When children gain coordination skills and the ability to work as a team, they have an increased sense of pride in themselves. Yes, they want you to watch every second of their increasing skills, but the outcome is definitely worth it!

So, take plenty of pictures of your perfect lawn because this may be the last time you’ll see it looking nice. Your child may just invite others over to form the 11 player team that is needed in real soccer, or at least some version of that. Soccer is definitely a good way to meet other friends, work toward a common goal, and get in excellent shape. Plus, who knows if that 50 million dollars is in store for your next little David Beckham!

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