Four Fun Soccer Games for you and your kids to play

nike soccer balls 300x199 Four Fun Soccer Games for you and your kids to playIn this summer season, you might be wondering if there are any enjoyable soccer games you and your kids can play in the garden. There certainly are and here are four games to play that you and your kids will both enjoy. Playing these games with your kids will help all of you get some good exercise this summer and is a great way to spend extra time, in addition to providing some good fun for anyone who decides to participate and join in on the fun. One good website for additional games is Soccer Fun Games.

Soccer Golf

The first game is called soccer golf and it involves setting up ‘holes’ around the garden before you and your kids try to kick the ball directly on top of the holes. You can also set up ‘water hazards’ (kiddie pools) or ‘bunkers’ (obstacles near or in front of the hole) to make the game last as long as possible. Soccer golf is an easy, fun game that will entertain you and your kids for as long as you want to play it.

Soccer Tennis

Soccer tennis is another game that you and your kids can play in the garden, in which you set up a net, then one team ‘serves’ the ball by kicking it over the net and the other team has to volley it back in only one bounce and two touches. There are a few more rules in this game but it is still fun for everyone. The rules that it does have are pretty simple and soccer tennis is definitely a great way to exercise with your kids while everyone has a good time. Soccer Xpert is a good place to look for even more great soccer games to play.

Wall Ball

soccer rebounder 300x225 Four Fun Soccer Games for you and your kids to playWall ball is a simple game where all you have to do is kick the soccer ball against a wall and return the shots of the people playing with you. There’s not much to it, but it’s a good game for you and your kids to play in the garden. Everyone will appreciate its simplicity and have fun, just kicking the ball against the ball and trying to return shots until you and your kids are too tired to continue playing the game.

Soccer Marbles

Playing with marbles is easy to adapt into playing with soccer balls in the garden and it is using two balls, kicking one ball until it stops, then someone else kicks a second ball. If the second player hits the first ball with their second ball, they get a point and if not, the first player tries to hit the second player’s ball for a point. Soccer marbles definitely has more rules than the other games listed here, but once you and your kids know the rules, it is a blast to play as seen below

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