Matt Smith’s Epic Soccer Training Program – A Comprehensive Review

If youíre reading this itís probably because youíre looking for ways to improve your skills at playing soccer. Many people find themselves in a position where theyíre desperate to improve their soccer skills but are unable to find a good teacher or coach to work with them. I love soccer and have been playing the game since I was a kid but I always felt that I was capable of improving but never really knew how to take my game to the next level. Recently weíve heard a lot of good things about an online training program by Matt Smith with some people reporting that following the program had made them capable of doing things on soccer field that theyíd previously never thought possible. Whilst the program canít guarantee to turn you into Neymar overnight, it may well add that extra 15 or even 25% to your game.

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What is Epic Soccer Training?

This training program was developed by Matt Smith, a former All American professional soccer player who has also trained players of different skill levels, so he knows exactly what heís talking about. If you purchase the program youíll gain access to the entire system on the official website, including the course workbook, the Soccer Fitness Guide, Sports Nutrition Guide and several modules you can buy separately.

These modules consist of additional training guides such as the †1000 Club, which gives you access to drills, the Rocket Shot and the Epic Dribbling Skills, many of which are suitable not just for aspiring players but coaches. Aside from the 1000 Club, thereís an Epic Speed Training module for improving your speed and the Pro Bundle for enhancing your dribbling, footwork, turning and other skills.

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The Matt Smith training program consists mainly of the workbook and a video giving an overview of the product. You can read the PDF e-book online or download it. The PDF has 77 pages and it is packed with information for improving your game, and combined with the videos, provide you with a sequential and step by step procedure to improve your game.

Iíd like to go over some of the soccer training drills here, starting with module one, called The Rock, where youíll learn the right way to train. The second module, the Cup, covers advanced soccer drills, while module 3, The Factory, builds upon the advanced techniques you learn in the previous lessons.

The e-book has a lot of good content, but youíll get the most out of it by watching and learning from the soccer training videos as well. There are several videos on the website, but what I like about them is theyíre short and straight to the point. One of the problems Iíve had with other soccer training systems is it forces me to watch hours of video, but I donít have the time. If youíre like me, youíll appreciate these sharp and short clips.

If you do three workouts a week as outlined, youíll finish the program in four weeks. Combined with the e-book, it becomes easy to learn the drills, how much time you should practice it and other details. The program also includes tips for warming up so your body gets accustomed to doing these drills.

What Others are Saying about the Training System

Soccer is becoming more popular in the US, and many people have tried this product out and given reviews online, the majority of which are positive. One reviewer, Joel from Anaheim, said that Mattís program changed his game completely, and that by watching the videos learned new ways to dribble and strike. Another reviewer from Detroit, Alvin, said that after years of struggling, he bought Mattís program and made the varsity team, something he thought was impossible.

Iíd like to mention a couple more testimonials, one from Rick in Dallas who said that Mattís program improved every element in his game, from striking to the cross and keeping control of the ball. Finally, Rob of Minnesota wrote in his review that Mattís soccer training system works as well as advertised.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If youíre asking does Epic Soccer Training really work, then the reviews and testimonials online suggest that many people have had a great deal of success with the product. However, Iíd like to point out a couple of things here. First of all, I suggest you watch the short introductory video to get an idea of how Mattís program works. Second, this system isnít going to turn you into a good player overnight.

Mattís program isnít a quick fix, but if you read the e-book and follow the directions your game will improve. If you go through the program, youíll need to do workouts at least three times a week, but if you have more time you can modify the program to do more workouts.

Buying Advice and Tips

If after reading Epic Soccer Training program reviews you decide to buy it, you can do so directly from the official website. The program is available for just $79.94, and you can pay in two installments of $39.97. Once you make the initial payment, youíll be billed again automatically after 30 days. After you make the second payment, thatís it, you donít have to pay for it again.

Thereís also an 8 week guarantee so you can use the program for a full 8 weeks and if youíre not happy with the results, youíll get a full refund, no questions asked. Second, Matt guarantees that if in your estimation this isnít the best individual soccer training program youíve ever tried, he will refund you and you can keep the program for free. I know that sounds crazy, but Matt is that confident about his system.

By the way, the Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide and Training Vault are included if you purchase the program at no extra cost. Youíll also get free one year personal email coaching from Matt. Iíd like to add that thereís no shipping cost. Since all the products are digital, youíll be able to access the information immediately. All major credit cards are supported.

Should You Buy It?

I think that people have become conditioned not expect too much from online soccer training programs, but itís clear that many people have been really surprised by the difference that the training program has made to them. If the program has improved the game of many online users , then thereís a significant chance †it will improve yours too. Imagine being able to pull of that difficult pass or dribble the next time you play, thereís no feeling quite like the one when you get when you pull off a neat soccer move.The e-book is comprehensive but easy to understand, and the videos are very helpful. I highly recommend it.

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