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Nike Soccer Balls – get the best reviews and deals

nike soccer balls Nike Soccer Balls   get the best reviews and deals

Choosing the right soccer ball is often a matter of experimentation for many players, but it is certainly worth the effort to learn about the different types of soccer balls that are now available so that you can find one that suits your particular needs. Whether you are looking for a new practice ball for yourself, or a game ball for you and your friends, Nike soccer balls are considered to be one of the leading brands available today.

How To Choose The Right Soccer Ball For You

It is often surprising to new soccer players to find out just how many options there are in terms of soccer balls. Not that long ago, most soccer balls appeared to look very much alike, though they were often found in different sizes. Now, there are all kinds of sizes, materials, windings, and ladders, all of which are suitable for different purposes.

When you are looking at a soccer ball for a youngster, there are five primary sizes that you can choose from. A very young child would use either a size one or two soccer ball, a child under the age of eight would use a size 3 soccer ball, and a child between the ages of eight and 12 years old would use size 4. Any child over the age of 12 years old would use a size 5 ball.

Soccer balls come in in a variety of different covers, and the kind you purchase will depend on where you plan on using the ball most and how much you really want to spend. The best quality soccer balls are generally made from synthetic materials, while some individuals still prefer leather ones. They are also available and polyurethane and PVC, which tend to be the most affordable of all soccer balls.

Get Your Cleats Ready To Kick These Fantastic Footballs

Because of the upcoming World Cup festivities, there are now a number of new styles of soccer balls coming on to the market. Nike balls are extremely popular among players of all levels, and can be found at a variety of price points. We reviewed some of the more popular soccer balls below, so why not read on to see which ball would suit your needs best.

Nike Catalyst Team Ball

The Nike Catalyst Team Ball is a 32 panel geometric design that has a polyurethane cover to give you the best possible durability and feel in any weather. The ball  is designed to provide faster, accurate flight, while also being extremely easy to control. The unique design and coloring of this ball makes it easier to be seen both in dim light, and whilst the ball is in flight.

The geometric design of this ball helps to keep the pressure distributed evenly, so that it is more reliable to control at any speed. The bladder is made from carbon latex, and the ball is available in sizes 1 to 5.

The ball feels reasonably light to the touch even when fully inflated. When kicked at a reasonable power the ball does tend to move in the air but no more than you would expect from a modern football.

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Nike Strike Premier League Hi-Vis Ball

One of the biggest selling points of some of the more modern soccer balls is that they are now sold in a variety of colors, many of which make playing soccer at sunset or on a cloudy day a lot easier. The Nike Strike Premier League high visibility ball cannot be missed on any playing field, because of its unique bright yellow color and colorful trim.

This has a 32 panel machine stitched polyurethane cover and a reinforced rubber bladder which should ensure that the ball will stay in shape for years to come. The ball  is available in sizes three, four, and five.

For some reason we really enjoyed testing this ball, none of us here at soccer gear reviews could quite put our finger on it but there is just a particular joy in striking a fluorescent football past a goalkeeper into the net. We found this ball to be a little heavier than the Catalyst ball reviewed above.

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Nike Indoor Ball

Choosing an indoor soccer ball is a little easier than trying to find the right one for outdoor use, since there are fewer variables involved. The Nike Indoor Ball is a high quality yet very affordable polyurethane ball made from a hand-stitched, 32 panel covering. This has a Butyl rubber bladder for maximum air retention, and is thoroughly geo-balanced so that it has a reliable flight. This indoor soccer ball is available in size 5 and is shipped deflated.

All in all we considered this to be nice indoor football, it feels relatively light to the touch but still felt sturdy enough when it was hit with a bit more power. Indoor footballs tend to move less in the air than their outdoor counterparts but we were still able to score some reasonably wicked curlers using this ball.

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