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The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For 2014 – which will suit you best?

Anyone who plays indoor soccer regularly will tell you that when it comes to soccer gear, the most important thing to get right is the cleats. When deciding on new kicks, a variety of factors can be considered, including the weight, available cushioning, heel support, composition of the strike zone area of the shoe (the spots that make contact with the ball) and, perhaps most importantly, the make up of the studs on the bottom that gives a player traction. It is critical to pick an indoor soccer shoe that offers the right kind of cleat for your particular league and surface you are playing on. For instance, you won’t want metal tipped cleats to play on an indoor rubber surface, and you don’t want to have to return your cool new indoor soccer shoes because they aren’t allowed in the league you play in!

For most casual players, good heel support and stable traction are going to be the most determinant factors in picking the right indoor soccer cleats. For more advanced players, it might be the weight and strike zone composition that are more important. The three brands of cleat reviewed in this article all offer superior quality and options at an affordable price. These boots will satisfy players of any skill level and are our picks for the top cleats of 2014.

Our favorite Indoor Shoes

1. Nike Hypervenom Phelon IC Men’s Soccer Shoes

418zFed82lL. SL160  The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For 2014   which will suit you best?Unlike some lower tier models, the Nike Phelon has a feeling of quality and durability when you first put it on. The synthetic leather upper provides for excellent striking ability and incredible lift on the ball. For a boot this affordable, the touch and control is on par with much more expensive models. This particular boot is made primarily for indoor play and with these Nike indoor shoes coming in at an amazing 8 oz, strides feel natural and organic. These shoes are so light that it can feel like you aren’t wearing any at all, giving the player a very minimalist experience.

The Nike Hypervenom indoor cleat is considered one of the most technologically advanced cleat series with the anatomical X1.1 last. This refers to the inside shape of the shoe, and in the case of the Hypervenom, the last has a very accommodating forefoot, providing extra room for players with wide feet. It is designed for enhanced agility, giving skilled strikers and attackers the ability to make quick changes of direction on turf. The Hypervenom also has a molded sockliner and built-in heel cup for a secure, snug fit that will significantly reduce cleat pressure. Called the ‘Nike Skin’ technology, this boot has a natural sock-like fit.

2. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV IC Indoor Soccer Shoes

318CqNKkqeL. SL160  The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For 2014   which will suit you best?One of our favorites, the Nike Mercurial for 2014 is made from dimpled synthetic rubber, offering enhanced control when you have to make moves on a dime. The low cut contoured sockliner delivers low profile cushioning and optimum comfort. One stand out feature on the Nike Mercurial indoor soccer shoe is the asymmetric traction stud pattern. The studs are geometrically placed for instant acceleration and quick changes in direction. The texture pattern at the toe provides for superior first-step take off speed and added grip.

Additionally, this men’s indoor soccer shoe has a speed stud at midfoot, enhancing acceleration and support in the high pressure zone for full-speed sprints. Unlike the Hypervenom, the last on this boot is designed more for players with a narrow, flat foot. A light weight shoe at only 8.4 oz, this model will work best on firm, natural surfaces. The IC stands for ‘Indoor Competition’, and that is exactly what this shoe is for. It is a competitors boot in all respects and will give even the most seasoned player superior traction and comfort.

3. Adidas Men’s Predito LZ IN Indoor Soccer Shoe

316zE7uC 0L. SL160  The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For 2014   which will suit you best?Considered one of the best soccer shoes for indoor play, these new Adidas cleats have a non-marking gum rubber outsole for incredible grip on an indoor court. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the 3D print on the five lethal strike zones. Raised and contoured, these textured areas of the shoe are designed to give the player increased control with every touch of the ball. This feature reduces any slippage from humid conditions, keeping the ball from sliding off the shoe during a strike.

The Predito is the more cost effective version of the Predator Range series, both offering the 3D contoured strike zones, allowing a skilled player to surgically dissect the competition and keep the ball stuck to foot with unmatched control. This Adidas indoor men’s soccer shoe also offers a soft textile lining and die-cut EVA insole for light weight and comfort. Reviews consistently rank this new Adidas shoe as one of the top in the industry for both amateur and experienced players.

Toddler soccer cleats – which shoes will be best for your child?

If you’re in the market for a new pair of soccer cleats for your toddler then there are a huge number of options for you to choose from. As soccer has grown in popularity over the last few years more and more toddler soccer gear has come on the market. To help you sift through all of the available options we’ve reviewed our five favorite pairs of soccer cleats and toddler indoor soccer shoes below, but before we get to the reviews here are a few things you should bear in mind when buying a new pair of cleats for your kids.

Cost – Toddlers tend to go grow out of shoes pretty quickly, so you might not want to spend megabucks on a pair of cleats. We wouldn’t advise going too cheap though.

Style – Soccer cleats for toddlers tend to come in a number of different colors. Ideal if your toddler is starting to get a bit choosy!

Materials – Most toddler sneakers and soccer shoes are made of synthetic leather, this means the shoes are light durable and not too expensive.

Fit – Remember that soccer socks are thicker than normal socks so you might want to go a size bigger than your child’s normal shoe.

Our five favorite pairs of toddler soccer cleats for 2014

41e5T5cfNzL. SL160  Toddler soccer cleats   which shoes will be best for your child?Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleats These soccer cleats come in a range of different colors which means that you can choose the ideal color whether you’re looking for toddler boy or toddler girl soccer cleats.

The shoes have a synthetic upper and sole. The cleats have a fold over velcro tongue so that the laces on the shoes can be covered over and secured by the tongue meaning your childs laces are less likely to come undone whilst they’re playing.

The sole of each boot has 14 cleats and Diadora have added additional cleats to the heels of the cleats to provide increased stability to the shoes. People who used the cleats report them to be an excellent pair of first soccer cleats, the choice of coloring on the shoes means that you will be able to pick a pair that suits your child down to the (soccer) ground and we think that they are an excellent pair of shoes to buy.

41cJj9jnT2L. SL160  Toddler soccer cleats   which shoes will be best for your child?PUMA Attencio II I FG Firm Ground Jr Soccer Cleats These Puma shoes come in a variety of colours from a fairly standard black to more outlandish fluorescent greens and pinks. We’ve seen these cleats described as “girly” online but they could easily suit a boy soccer player given the variety of colors available.

The shoes are predominantly made from synthetics, with a synthetic upper and sole. The cleats are light and whilst their synthetic make up might mean they wear out more quickly they are unlikely to show any significant signs of wear and tear before your child has outgrown them. The outsoles of the shoes are constructed from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which in layman’s terms means they should boast superior scuff and impact resistance as well been able to cope well in the cold weather.

The cleats are designed for use firm ground and the molded studs should provide a stable basis for quick turns and mazy dribbles. All in all we’d highly recommend this pair of Puma toddler cleats.

41pq6S%2BadhL. SL160  Toddler soccer cleats   which shoes will be best for your child?Adidas Toddler/Little Kid Goletto TRX HG Soccer Shoe These Adidas cleats boast the classic three stripe Adidas design which may well appeal to Moms and Dads who fondly remember their first pair of soccer cleats. We think these shoes look a little more “grown up” than some of other shoes on the market so they maybe the ideal choice for the young player who wants a pair of “big girls (or boys)” shoes.

The shoes boast a synthetic leather upper and a manmade sole. The shoes cleats boast the patented Adidas TRX (or Traxion) which probably means nothing to you, but the cleats have four molded studs on the heal and 11 molded studs on the main part of the shoe. People have reported that the Traxion system gives good stability to soccer players and the shoes are s;specifically designed to be worn on hard ground.

The Golettos are a nice pair of cleats and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that you took a look at them if you’re in the market for some new cleats for your kids.

41r5ShrN SL. SL160  Toddler soccer cleats   which shoes will be best for your child?Adidas Kids F5 TRX FG J Red White Black If the Adidas Golettos remind us of the Adidas boots of our youth then the F5s maybe put us in mind of a more modern cleat. The shoes have a really shiny futuristic look to them and the styling has more of a nod to Adidas’s flagship F50 range rather than the more classic look of the Golettos – you could definitely imagine a young Lionel Messi wearing a pair of these shoes!

The shoes have a synthetic upper and manmade sole that boasts the Traxion design. The cleat configuration differs slightly from that used on the Golettos as these cleats are designed to cope with firm rather than hard surfaces.

Adidas markets these cleats with slogan “In this game, every gram counts” which is maybe a little grown up for a toddler’s cleat, but these shoes do seem to be aimed at the older end of the younger persons market.

41X7eICAG4L. SL160  Toddler soccer cleats   which shoes will be best for your child?Vizari Verona FG Soccer Shoe If you’re not looking for a big name cleat like the two Adidas shoes reviewed above then you might very well be interested in these Vizari Verona Cleats.The shoes are styled in a very traditional black and white finish and may well remind of your first pair of soccer cleats. As an added bonus these cleats can be found online for less than $20 so if you’re on a budget or you’re not sure how much wear your toddler will get out of their cleats then these could be the ideal purcahse.

The upper of these shoes is constructed from synthetic leather and they have a rubber sole. The cleats on the shoes are in the traditional circular style and there are four cleats on the heel section of each shoe.

The Veronas have a number of glowing reviews online and we would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a pair of toddlers football shoes.

The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014 The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

If you have been playing soccer for many years, then you will most likely have witnessed a lot of changes in the technology of soccer shoes and other soccer equipment. If you’d have told us as we pulled our first pair of cleats in the early 1980’s that soccer shoes would be able to give you feedback on your performance within the next 30 years then we definitely wouldn’t have believed you! There are now more types of soccer shoes or cleats than ever before, and different styles that are suitable for indoor soccer, soccer on artificial turf, and soccer on wet fields.

Because of the highly specialized nature of soccer cleats these days, many players find that it is now central to own several different pairs of shoes so that they can always play their best, no matter where they are or who they are playing.

Here’s a selection of our favorite 2014 cleats –

Soccer Cleats Primary Material Sole Price Rating
adidas Men’s Samba Classic Soccer Shoe

41xpkiPaZnL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Leather Rubber ** 4.5
Kelme Michelin Star360 Indoor Soccer Shoes (White/Black)

41e%2BAsXo4pL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Canvas (Leather Upper) Rubber **** 4.6
adidas Originals Men’s Samoa Sneaker

41osfGv%2BQJL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Leather Rubber *** 4.6
Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

413RgU2OiDL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Leather Manmade **** 4.7
Diadora Men’s Forza Turf Shoe

416kyZ52SoL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Leather and synthetic Manmade ** 4
Adidas Men’s F10 Trx Fg Soccer Cleat

41OceTIsLqL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Synthetic Rubber *** 4.5
Diadora Men’s Forza ID Soccer Shoe

410D5pM4u8L. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Leather and synthetic Manmade ** 4
ASICS Men’s Lethal Flash DS IT Soccer Shoe

41T5bIBknlL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Synthetic Rubber *** 4.5
Adidas F5 TRX FG Yellow/Black Mens Soccer Cleats

41WJ%2BJnt5zL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Synthetic Synthetic *** 4.5
Diadora Men’s Forza MD Soccer Cleat

41u4eiGd iL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Leather and synthetic Manmade ** 4
Puma Men’s Evospeed 4.2 FG Soccer Cleat

41O1xfUcc0L. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Synthetic Manmade *** 4
Nike Men’s Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe

41U1 ADlebL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Synthetic Rubber ** 4.5
Puma Men’s Evospeed 3 FG Soccer Cleat

31c%2BeJ8Gb2L. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Synthetic Manmade *** 4
Fila Men’s Forza II Blade Soccer Shoe

41P8NlB4oAL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Synthetic Manmade ** 4
Nike Mercurial Victory IV TF Men’s Soccer Shoes

41Kd2qydqfL. SL160 SL150  The Best Cleats For Soccer And Football In 2014

Synthetic and leather Rubber *** 5

How to Choose the Best Cleats For Soccer

For many people, the most important aspects of choosing the best cleats for soccer or football would be determining what is going to be the most common surface they will be playing on. Soccer shoes for indoor playing are obviously different than those you would use when you are playing on artificial turf or hard ground.

Many of the major manufacturers sell a variety of styles for firm ground playing, soft ground playing, artificial turf, and indoor soccer. There are many substantial differences between the soccer shoes that would be used on any of these services, including the existence and style of cleats, the kind of material that the uppers are made of, and the overall weight and structure of the shoes.

Our Picks And Reviews Of The Best 2014 Cleats

In preparation for the 2014 World Cup, there are a number of high quality and stylish firm ground soccer shoes for just about any player. Puma, Under Armour, and Warrior have come out with some unique styles that are certainly capturing the attention of many players right now.

PUMA PowerCat 1.12 SL FG Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

These are very unique looking, firm ground soccer shoes, with a black toe, neon yellow and blue trim, and a large white puma emblazoned across the side of the shoe (the shoe is also available in different colors to those just described). These shoes are made from the highest quality kangaroo leather, giving you the best possible feel for the ball, and incorporate the Puma 3D PST duo technology for more power.

These Puma soccer shoes boast asymmetrical lacing so you have a larger strike zone, and a TPU injected external heel counter for stability. The midsole is made from EVA, the outsole is made from injected Pebax for good traction. These cleats are available in sizes 7 to 11.

During the 1980’s there was quite a bit of snobbery about Puma cleats and they weren’t seen to be on a level with their more glamorous Nike and Adidas siblings. These are a really nice pair of cleats though and we’re sure they’ll help to solidify Puma’s name as a producer of top quality high end cleats.

Under Armour Blur CBN III FG – Leather Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Under Armour has recently entered the firm ground soccer shoe market, and the high quality Blur model is one of the favorites of soccer players everywhere. These shoes are made from extremely high quality kangaroo leather and have asymmetrical lacing for improved power and striking ability. The shoes boast ultralight carbon wings which give excellent support to your feet making the shoes fell both stable and comfortable at the same time.

The shoes have five canonical studs in the front and then blade studs in the mid shoe and rear, we were really impressed with the stability that the boots gave us during our testing.The shoes weigh in at 7 ounces and are available in sizes 6.5 to 10.5.

Warrior Skreamer S-Lite Fg Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Some shoes are simply so wild that you cannot do anything but notice them on someone’s feet. The Warrior Skreamer firm ground soccer shoes are certainly very wild, yet they are known for providing solid performance in a very lightweight shoe. These are made from extremely light microfiber with a specific arrowhead design that will help you to keep better control of the ball. These shoes have PU injected fins to help you put spin on the ball, while also improving your power and accuracy.

The Warrior Skreamers have offset lacing, which gives them a  large strike zone, and carbon fiber inserts to keep the shoe as light as possible while also providing the maximum strength. The shoes weigh in at 7.4 ounces and are ideal for firm, natural surfaces The cleats are available in sizes 7.5 to 11.

Cristiano Ronaldo Cleats – the best deals on CR7’s choice of shoes

ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo Cleats   the best deals on CR7s choice of shoes

Some soccer players like to wear the same kind of shoes as their favorite soccer hero, so it should come as no surprise that so many people are now opting for Nike Mercurial Vapor shoes, which is one of the favorites of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

This Portuguese star is considered to be one of the best players of all time and is in fact (a the time of writing) the second most expensive soccer player in history. Therefore, it is only common sense that people would want to have just a little bit of his magic on their feet.

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Feel special in a pair of CR7’s cleats

Whilst it might seem silly to some to base a cleat buying decision purely on the fact that a famous player wears the same shoes, there is something to be said for copying the choice of a such a successful player. Cristiano Ronaldo is unlikely to be wearing poor quality cleats after all, and sometimes knowing that the cleats you’re wearing are the same as someone who you’ve seen ripping up defences and bending in impossible free kicks makes you think why not me as well?

Here at soccer gear reviews we remember owning a pair of Diego Maradona boots during the late 1980s and whilst they never made us play like the great man they did give us just a little bit of extra swagger every time we took to the field. They were a really nice pair of cleats as well!

The New Cleats That Will Have You Playing Like Ronaldo

Ronaldo has a number of soccer records to his name, including being the first European player to reach 40 goals in a single season, and he was able to perform that feat two years in a row. Playing at Manchester United, Real Madrid, and with more than 100 appearances for Portugal, the type of soccer shoes that he wears is very important to his reputation and his game.

Whilst CR7s strut and arrogance may put some of us off him, it’s hard to argue with his football talents, and he is a genuine megastar, did you know that he had the 5th highest social rank in the world in 2012, bettered only by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry.

These Nike Mercurial firm ground soccer shoes have been worn by Ronaldo in a number of of really big games, and are believed to be amongst his favorite soccer shoes. While they may not give you the kind of skills that he has, they can certainly improve your game.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX FG Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

The Nike Mercury Vapor IX firm ground soccer shoes are one of the most popular soccer shoes ever produced by Nike. These are available in a number of different colrs and are considered to be one of the highest quality fully molded soccer shoes available. The shoes are made from a unique Teijin microfiber material, with a textured dot pattern that will help you to keep full control of the ball in any weather. They are made for speed and accuracy, and provide the comfort normally only found in leather shoes, but with the minimal weight and durability of synthetic shoes.

These extremely fast cleats have all conditions control technology built into them, making them ideal for wet and dry conditions. They weigh in at just 6.6 ounces and have a unique look that certainly brings to mind the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Whilst looking at these cleats we were particularly impressed with the grip that was present on the soles and we feel they would give excellent foot support for such a light shoe. Also, the build of these  boots suggest that they would give you something extra in your spring when competing for headers (in our case they wouldn’t make up for our chronic lack of heading ability though!).

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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX SG Pro Soft Ground Soccer Shoes

This year has brought us some new and innovative soft ground soccer shoes, including the Nike Mercurial Vapor composite shoes. These are made with the highest quality injection molded microfiber, and are contoured to fit your feet from the first time you put them on. Some of the greatest names in the game are now wearing the Nike Mercurial Vapor, in part because they allow you an extra level of control over the ball in wet or dry conditions, no matter what your level of expertise.

These shoes have a built in sock liner as well as direct injection bladed and screw and studs that many of the professionals prefer. These weigh 9.8 ounces and are considered to be one of the longest lasting soft ground soccer shoes Nike has ever made.

We are impressed with these cleats, the build of the shoes suggests that  they could considerably enhance your ball swerving skills and we’d imagine that a number of your speculative shots could very well find the back of the net whilst wearing these shoes.

Lionel Messi Cleats – could they take your game to another level?

lionel messi Lionel Messi Cleats   could they take your game to another level?

There is certainly no guarantee that wearing the same kind of soccer cleats that your favorite soccer star does is going to improve your game or make you the star of your local league. But, there is often something to be said for putting on a new pair of soccer cleats, particularly those that are favored by someone with incredible skills.

Lionel Messi is an amazing Argentinian player, now playing for Barcelona, who has won a number of awards over the years and is Barcelona’s all-time top scorer at just 26 years old. Messi has favored Adidas cleats for some time, and the Adidas F50 cleats are commonly worn by him in some of the biggest domestic and international matches. has the best selection of soccer shoes, featuring the adidas F50 adiZero TRX FG Messi. Shop now!

How to Choose the Best Cleats For Your Game

Choosing the right cleats for your game may take some time, but it cannot hurt to start out with shoes that you know are made from the highest quality materials and are designed for serious players. When the four time ballon d’or winner Lionel Messi chooses his cleats, he puts a great deal of care into his choice, and if Adidas F50 TRX cleats are good enough for him, then they should provide you and you game with what you need, too.

There is always some debate as to whether choosing cleats based on the choice of a famous player is a good idea. We’ve probably all witnessed some guy with a David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo hair cut wearing very expensive boots but stinking the place out and wondered why is this guy drawing attention to himself when he’s so bad? The boots definitely do not make the player, but on the other hand, why not treat yourself to a top quality pair of boots that will give you that extra bit of belief and confidence. When the ball next falls to you in a goalscoring position, wouldn’t it be great to fell that your cleats could help you score? Maybe best to stick with a more conservative hair cut though!

The New Cleats That Will Have You Playing Like Lionel Messi

There are several different options when it comes to colors, styles, and materials of Adidas F50 shoes, and there are some recent changes as a result of this year’s World Cup. What you will see when you go on-line is that the choices are almost endless, and these are the kind of shoes that you will be excited to put on.

Adidas F50 adizero TRX FG – Synthetic – Samba Pack Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

The Adidas F50 synthetic Samba firm ground soccer shoes have been a hit around the world for those who take their game seriously. This is a newer, bolder version of the F50 shoe which is designed specifically for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Ii is made with bright synthetic colors and a multicolored tongue that is lighter and gives the boots a really striking visual look. The laces are bright and will attract attention, and there is little doubt that these are the kind of shoes that are going to make a difference in your game.

The entire line of Adidas F50 synthetic sawbuck firm ground soccer shoes are available in a wide array of sizes from 6.5 to 13.5, and in many different color schemes, all of which are designed to reflect the excitement of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Here at soccer gear reviews, we consider the TRX FG to be a very solid shoe and we’d certainly recommend that you take a look at a pair, and we’d be saying that even if Lionel Messi didn’t wear these cleats!

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Adidas F50 adizero TRX FG-Synthetic – miCoach compatible Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

In addition to these appealing shoes being some of the quickest and lightest weight available, Adidas has decided to incorporate this new technology in a way that has never been done before. These ultralight, single layer synthetic shoes have a 3D texture and finish on the uppers, which will help you to have more control and more speed at any time during the game.

The F50 TRX FG shoes are updated for 2014 and have the unique Speedtraxion studs as well as the Speedfoil heel. They are extremely light, weighing in at just 5.3 ounces, and they are also fully compatible with the Adidas miCoach technology. These shoes are available in a number of bright colors and are available in sizes 6.5 to 13.5.

When considering these cleats we were impressed by the studs which looked to give a particularly stable, grounded feel to the cleats. We felt that you’d be able to turn on a sixpence at any time without a fear that the cleats would give way beneath you.  Couple this with an impressive lightness and the gut feeling that these shoes would add extra power to our shots and you have a boot that we’d highly recommend.

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The best women’s soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020

What to look for in the ideal women’s soccer shoes

The triumph of the United Sates Women’s soccer team at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup has led to a renewed interest in women’s soccer. Women and girls across the country thinking about taking up soccer are sometimes confused by the wide variety of cleats available, but they should take their time and choose wisely if they hope to get the most out of the beautiful game. Identifying the surface that soccer will be played on is the first step in narrowing down the field. Cleats that provide players with much needed traction on natural grass could cause painful injuries if worn on certain types of synthetic pitch.

41N9EyDB9VL. SL110  The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020
PUMA Women's Spirit FG Soccer Cleat
Our favorite for 2016
41gw16R9nhL. SL110  The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020
adidas Women's F5 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat
A great value option
41GGfS65AKL. SL110  The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020
adidas Women's Predito Instinct Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat
A fantastic shoe - we love it!

Once footwear unsuitable to the preferred playing surface has been eliminated, players should weigh their options based upon their preferred position and style of play. Defenders used to crunching tackles may prefer heavier shoes with more padding, but strikers often insist on lighter shoes to boost their speed and maneuverability. The final choice concerns materials and style. Leather soccer cleats are available in a number of modern and retro looks, and contemporary designs made from the latest composite materials are often offered in eye popping colors. Once the options have been narrowed down to two or three, players may wish to go online to read reviews and comparison shop before making their final decision.


41gw16R9nhL. SL160  The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Adidas Women’s F5 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat – Adidas womens soccer cleats are a poular choice for players of all skill levels because they offer innovative designs and quality construction at competitive prices. The F5 features a semi-gloss synthetic upper that is designed to be easy to clean atop a comfortable rubber sole. A TRAXION outsole improves grip on hard surfaces, and the kicking area is kept free of clutter to improve passing and shooting accuracy. Adidas Women’s F5 Firm-Ground Soccer cleats are a low to mid-range option.

41GGfS65AKL. SL160  The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Adidas Women’s Predito Instinct Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat – While F5 firm ground soccer cleats from Adidas could hardly be described as conservative, they are shrinking wallflowers compared to the striking Predito Instincts. The Predito Instinct is available in a number of vivid geometric designs inspired by some of the fastest animals found in nature. A high-grip TRAXION outsole and a breathable mesh lining back up the bold styling. Predito Instincts are designed to give pacy forwards and agile midfielders the touch and control they need to perform at their best, and synthetic abrasion-resistant uppers makes it easy to keep these cleats looking good. The Predito Instinct from Adidas is generally available online for prices slightly higher than the company’s similar F5.

41NOXEYvvEL. SL160  The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Adidas Women’s F30 Firm Ground Soccer Cleat – The F30 firm ground soccer cleat from Adidas is packed with technology designed to improve performance on harder playing surfaces. A TRAXION outsole and 3D grip provide outstanding traction and secure dribbling even in wet conditions, and the studs are carefully aligned to maximize acceleration. F30 combines the contemporary look of a blue or red foil print under a transparent TPU outsole with the iconic lines of the Adidas three-stripe Adidas.

41N9EyDB9VL. SL160  The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Puma Women’s Spirit FG Soccer Cleat – The Puma Spirit FG is a prudent choice for women who are looking for a soccer cleat with more traditional styling but are not prepared to sacrifice performance. A soft leather upper, a synthetic injected outsole and a unique midsole combine to provide players with comfort, control and durability. The Spirit FG is light enough for forwards and midfielders, but it will still give defensive players the protection they need. The Puma women’s Spirit FG soccer cleat is available at a mi-range price point.

511l6SV4AJL. SL160  The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Adidas Women’s Predito LZ Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat  Adidas shoe designers were thinking about ball control when they drew up the asymmetrical lacing scheme of the Predito LZ. Textured striking zone surfaces provide touch and a TRAXION outsole adds traction and agility. Predito LZs have a synthetic leather upper that is both long lasting and easy to clean, and the tongue and collar are padded for extra comfort. The Predito LZ is available online in White, purple and orange for a low to mid-range price.

How to choose the best women’s soccer cleats

Choosing the right pair of cleats starts with setting a budget. While prices for high-end styles can sometimes be high, most of the major manufacturers have reasonably priced offerings that are packed with the latest technology. Firm ground soccer cleats are a popular choice for value concision players because they can be worn on many artificial surfaces as well as in games played on firmer natural grass pitches. Many women’s cleats are made of resilient manmade materials that are easy to take care of, but leather uppers are also available for those who prefer more traditional cleats. While leather cleats can last for years, they can take time to properly break in and do require more care.

womens soccer cleats 300x205 The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020The styling of women’s soccer shoes ranges from familiar back and white to bold geometric designs in a dizzying array of colors, and manufacturers consider their styling strategies carefully. Womens Nike soccer cleats are a popular choice for those who like contemporary looks and the latest technology while soccer cleats made by Puma often appeal to those seeking a subtler and more traditional appearance. The way that athletic shoes fit is obviously important, and reviews posted online by players with similar needs can be a valuable resource. The latest soccer cleats for women are based on narrow foot designs arrived upon after years of patient research, and they may provide female players with more control and support than smaller sized men’s soccer cleats. Parents purchasing soccer footwear for children who are still growing may wish to buy cleats with a little extra room, but growing space should be restricted to about the width of a finger to avoid injuries and blisters.

What Should Women Look For In Soccer Cleats?

The first consideration for many women is going to be the primary material that the shoe is made from. Depending on where you live and the kind of weather that you play in, leather soccer cleats may or may not be the right answer for you. Leather will generally provide you with more comfort and a better feel for the ball, but if you play in a lot of wet weather then leather shoes may not be the best pick for you. Synthetic soccer cleats are now more versatile than ever before, and they also have the ability to dry out quicker than leather cleats.

You will also need to determine whether you are in the market for molded or firm ground soccer cleats. This decision will be primarily driven by the type of surface you will be playing soccer on. Both of the aforementioned cleat types have advantages, though molded cleats tend to be the most popular among both men and women.

One additional consideration is going to be size, which often poses a problem for women. In spite of the fact that there are now many brands of soccer cleats for women, you will see that many cleats are sized for men, and that also means that they are going to be wider. For this reason alone, it is usually a good idea for women to try and stick to women’s cleats rather than choosing cleats that are designed for men.


The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020

What to look for in the best turf shoes for soccer

Many children around the world develop a passion for soccer because the game is so easy to fall in love with. A ball and a couple of sweaters to use as goal posts are all that is required for a few friends to get together for an informal kick around, but proper footwear will be called for as their skills develop and the games become more important. While the sport has traditionally been played on natural grass surfaces, the rising popularity of five-a-side games and futsal has led to athletic apparel companies releasing a bewildering array of soccer shoes designed specifically for playing on artificial surfaces.

51DW6RZuqnL. SL110  The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020
adidas Performance Men's Mundial Team Soccer Turf Shoe
Our favorite for 2016
41J5tBL9fwL. SL110  The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020
ASICS Men's Copero S Turf Soccer Shoe
A great value option
41cT3p7c0iL. SL110  The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020
PUMA Men's King Allround TT Soccer Cleat
A fantastic all round soccer cleat

There are two main types of artificial surface used for soccer, and wearing the wrong type of shoes could lead to poor performances or painful injuries. Traditional turf playing surfaces are little more than a carpet of artificial grass with sand added to provide traction, and the unyielding nature of this configuration calls for flat rubber soles. One benefit of this type of shoe is that it can be worn on the street.

However, sand based playing surfaces have not really taken off in soccer circles because the ball bounces unnaturally and flat-soled shoes can make precision passing and powerful shooting difficult. A new type of synthetic surface was needed, and 3G developed an artificial pitch containing small rubber pellets. The 3G surface provides more give, and artificial turf soccer shoes designed for playing on this kind of pitch feature a pliable rubber sole with small studs to provide traction.


51DW6RZuqnL. SL160  The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Team Soccer Shoe - The Mundial Team soccer shoe made by Adidas is a solid choice for games played on hard ground or 3G artificial surfaces. The shoe offers traditional styling and is both lightweight and solidly made. Soft uppers made from Kangaroo leather allow the show to be responsive, and dual-density polyurethane midsole ensures comfort. The tight stud pattern was designed to provide maximum traction on unyielding surfaces, and the outsole features a stitched toe wall and polyurethane wedge. The Mundial Team soccer shoe is a mid-range item.

41J5tBL9fwL. SL160  The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020ASICS Copero S Turf soccer shoe - ASICS has developed a reputation for producing athletic apparel that is both stylish and highly functional. The Japanese company ensures that the Copero S Turf soccer shoe provides a personal fit by using two layers of memory foam mold the heel and line the collar. Reinforcing the heel and stitching the toe adds durability, and the ASICS Trusstic system provides additional support. The system features a supportive shank running from the forefoot to the arch. The Copero S is available at a mid to high range price point.

41cT3p7c0iL. SL160  The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Puma King Allround TT - Puma have been associated with soccer for decades, and the Allround TT is a lightweight shoe that offers traditional styling combined with the latest athletic apparel technology. The old school looks of a fold-over tongue and a quilted leather upper may encourage athletes to try these shoes on, and the PUMA CELL cushioning provides exceptional comfort. Puma’s EverTrack stud design is also innovative, and it allows players to maneuver easily and control the ball easily on hard surfaces. Prices for the Allround typically range from mid to high level.

410xFZr9qJL. SL160  The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic - Traditional styling is also a major selling point for the Samba Classic. The shoe features the iconic three stripes that have become synonymous with adidas, and comfort is provided by and EVA insole and a uppers made of full-grain leather. The flat gum-rubber soles are designed to provide traction on hard flat surfaces, and these shoes are ideal for polished indoor floors or older sand based artificial surfaces. The Samba has been a mainstay of the adidas lineup for many years, and it remains one of the German company’s biggest sellers.

51D1UMy2NHL. SL160  The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020adidas Performance F5 Tf J –Traditional is one word that is unlikely to be heard when players discuss the Performance F5 Tf. The brightly colored boys shoes make a bold statement, and adidas backs up the space-age looks with impressive technology. The synthetic uppers feature a soft textile lining, and the sockliner is made from ethylene vinyl acetate. The shoes are both lightweight and easy to clean, and the TRAXION outsole provides players with ample grip on artificial pitches. Performance F5 Tf shoes are also a good choice for outdoor hard surfaces. The shoes can picked up for a mid-range junior soccer cleat price.

How to choose the best soccer turf shoes

Choosing the right soccer shoes is sometimes made difficult by a dizzying array of choices and an abundance of propitiatory technology. Establishing a budget will whittle down the choices considerably, and opting for either a traditional or contemporary design will further narrow the field. Turf soccer cleats should fit snugly at the heel and toe to improve onfield performance, but they should never be tight. Comfort is the key, and ill-fitting shoes will generally become more unbearable as the game goes on.

turf shoes 300x199 The best turf soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020While the shoes produced by different athletic apparel companies may look similar, the technology used in their construction may be very different. Some Nike soccer turf shoes feature extremely thin and pliable uppers made from kangalite, but adidas often uses a breathable mesh. Leather uppers will stretch slightly as shoes are worn in while shoes with synthetic uppers will generally retain their fit from new. Kangaroo leather is soft and molds well to the foot, and it is often found on soccer shoes at the higher end of the price scale. Full-grain leather is not quite as supple, but it is durable and less expensive.

While buying soccer shoes for growing kids can be expensive, parents would be unwise to buy shoes that are on the large side to allow children to grow into them. Shoes that are too large make sprints and fast turns more difficult, and they may also lead to to painful injuries.

What to look for when Choosing the Best Turf Soccer Cleats

Experienced soccer players will normally have a variety of different types of soccer shoes for different weather situations or different types of surfaces. If you tend to play a lot on grass then having a high quality pair of turf soccer cleats may help you to really improve your game. Playing soccer on turf brings different challenges than playing indoors or on other harder surfaces and it’s important to choose a pair of cleats that will give you both a high level of comfort and a rock solid sense of stability whilst you play.

 There are several different types of turf shoes that you can choose from, some of which can be quite expensive. The cost of the shoes will depend on a number of different factors including the brand, the primary material of the upper part of the shoe, and any special features it may have.

While some people prefer to have high quality leather cleats, these are not going to be the ideal shoes for every situation. Leather shoes can provide you with the ultimate comfort because of the way they are able to adapt to the size and shape of your feet, but synthetic shoes are often more affordable and are a better choice on wet fields. Leather shoes have a tendency to get extremely heavy when they get wet, but synthetic shoes stay lightweight and dry much more easily.

How to Choose the Right Girls Soccer Cleats

girls soccer cleats How to Choose the Right Girls Soccer Cleats

Whether you are shopping for your daughter’s first pair of cleats, or it is time to replace or upgrade their existing shoes, finding the right pair of soccer shoes for a girl can pose a challenge. There are now more brands, styles, and variations than ever before, and depending on how and where your daughter plays, they may actually need several different pairs of shoes.

What to Look For In Girls Soccer Cleats

When you are shopping for soccer cleats for girls, you are going to need to evaluate them in the same way that a professional player would. For instance, it is important to determine whether your daughter should be wearing leather or synthetic cleats, as well as the kind of studs that are used. You can find both traditional and blade shaped studs, as well as replaceable cleats, though those are not usually an option for younger girls.

Finally, sizing may well be an issue, particularly as a girl’s foot begins to grow. You can almost never make a mistake by purchasing a pair of girl’s soccer cleats that are at least a size up from her normal size, as this will enable the shoe to adapt to the shape and size of her foot, and allow her to get a little more use out of the shoe before she grows out of it.

Our Favorite Soccer Cleats for Girls and Indoor Soccer Shoes

Whether your daughter plays soccer indoors or outdoors, in wet or dry weather, the choice she makes may actually come down to brand, color, and styling. There are now many different brands that sell some high-powered yet very attractive soccer cleats for girls at both ends of the price range.

Adidas Predito LZ IN Junior – Samba Pack Indoor Soccer Shoes

Finding an affordable yet high quality pair of indoor soccer shoes can be difficult, especially if you would like to stick with a reputable brand like Adidas. This colorful Junior soccer cleats is designed with the 2014 World Cup in mind, with a unique Samba look and feel.

The Adidas Predito LZ is made with synthetic leather so it is extremely lightweight, as well as asymmetrical lacing to ensure a larger strike zone. The midsole is made from die-cut EVA to ensure comfort and support, with a non-marking gum rubber outer sole that is ideal for indoor use. These weigh just 7.4 ounces, and are available in sizes 2.5 to 6.

We thought these cleats looked really great and they proved to be both comfortable and sturdy during our tests.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX FG Junior Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

This year’s World Cup in Brazil has created a lot of changes in soccer cleats for everyone, but these girls cleats are unique in the way that they use a specific type of Nike reflected coloring with a one-of-a-kind cheetah print on the heel. These have metallic thread in the laces, and a large “swoosh” across the top of the shoe.

This particular soccer shoe is designed to provide the same kind of fit and feel that you would get with natural leather materials, but without giving up any of the durability and lightweight effectiveness of synthetic materials. These cleats are designed with all conditions control (ACC) in mind, making them ideal for both wet and dry conditions. There is even a lightweight sock liner that is perforated and fits perfectly with the low profile this shoe.

These shoes make a really striking statement looks wise, and we wondered before testing them if they were going to be a bit ‘style over substance’. Pleasingly, the shoes are able to back up their good looks with a comfortable sturdy feel and both shooting and passing felt easy in these shoes.

Adidas Predator LZ TRX FG Junior – Samba Pack Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

There are some soccer cleats that are so unique that a girl may want to buy them for everyday use and these Adidas Predator soccer shoes certainly fall into that category. These are designed with the 2014 Brazil World Cup in mind, and have a unique pattern across the front of the shoe that is designed to give you the best control and feel in any game time situation.

The upper has a 3D print to aid ball control along with TPU Predator technology that creates five different zones to control the ball. It is made from synthetic leather that is durable and suitable for use in any weather yet also provides a lightweight, realistic feel. The midsole is made from die-cut EVA for the best comfort and support possible, and it also has a lightweight TPU and Traxion stud configuration, which is ideal for use on firm and natural surfaces. We’d certainly recommend these shoes if you’re in the market for a new pair of  cleats.

Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids

indoor soccer shoes for kids Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids

The most important piece of equipment for any child who is getting ready to start playing soccer is a pair of comfortable, supported soccer shoes. When a child is young, little attention is often paid to the comfort of a pair of shoes, primarily because they have a tendency to grow so quickly. But, if your child is planning on playing indoor soccer, then it is worth investing in a pair of shoes that is going to make soccer more enjoyable for them.

How to Pick a Good Pair Of Soccer Shoes Or Cleats For Your Kids

Buying a pair of indoor soccer shoes for your children can be a little confusing for newcomers to the sport. What may surprise you is that there are so many different options in terms of material, construction, and of course the cleats themselves. In some regions, there are particular rules as to what kind of soccer shoes your child may have in a certain league or at a particular age, so you may want to check with your child’s coach or league organisers before making a purchase.

Looking for the right pair of cleats for your children? Check out our comparison chart below. Look out for more great buying tips below the chart.

Soccer Cleats Primary Material Sole Price Rating
Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Synthetic ** 4.5
PUMA Attencio II I FG Firm Ground Jr Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

PUMA Attencio II I FG Firm Ground Jr Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Synthetic ** 4
Under Armour Kids’ UA Blur IV HG JR Soccer Cleats

Under Armour Kids’ UA Blur IV HG JR Soccer Cleats

Synthetic Synthetic ** 4.5
PUMA Evospeed Star II Soccer Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

PUMA Evospeed Star II Soccer Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Rubber ** 4.5
Diadora Forza TF Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Diadora Forza TF Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Rubber *** 4.5
Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Leather Rubber **** 5
Vizari Verona FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Vizari Verona FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Leather Rubber ** 4.5
NIKE Mercurial Victory IV TF Junior Astroturf Soccer Boots

NIKE Mercurial Victory IV TF Junior Astroturf Soccer Boots

Synthetic Leather Rubber **** 5
Diadora Forza ID Soccer Cleat (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Diadora Forza ID Soccer Cleat (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Rubber *** 4.6
PUMA Evospeed 5.2 FG Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

PUMA Evospeed 5.2 FG Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Synthetic *** 4.5
Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

Synthetic Rubber ** 4.4
PUMA Universal FG Soccer Cleat (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

PUMA Universal FG Soccer Cleat (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Leather Synthetic ** 4
Larcia Youth Soccer Shoe

Larcia Youth Soccer Shoe

Synthetic Rubber ** 5
Adidas Toddler/Little Kid Goletto TRX HG Soccer Shoe

Adidas Toddler/Little Kid Goletto TRX HG Soccer Shoe

Synthetic Manmade *** 4.7
Adidas Kids F5 TRX FG J Red White Black

Adidas Kids F5 TRX FG J Red White Black

Synthetic Rubber *** 4.3
PUMA Universal Firm Ground JR Soccer Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

PUMA Universal Firm Ground JR Soccer Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Synthetic Synthetic *** 4.1

Even though your child may want to have the same kind of shoes as their favorite soccer star, rarely is that going to be a good idea. Children’s feet have particular needs, and in order for them to fully enjoy the game and become better players, they also require certain types of shoes.

What Kind Of Cleats Does Your Child Need?

While the shoes that you are buying for your child may be called “cleats”, it is actually the small studs on the bottom of the shoes that are the cleats. These cleats come in different shapes and sizes, some are molded, and some are able to be taken off and exchanged with other size cleats. The kind of cleats that your child requires will depend on their age, playing ability, the kind of surface they are usually playing on, and the weather.

Surprisingly enough, the amount of moisture that your area of the country gets during soccer season is an important factor in determining which cleats are going to be best for your child. Hard surfaces, dry surfaces, or artificial turf will require different types of cleats in order to protect your child’s safety and give them the best traction.

Of course, if your child is playing indoors, then they will require indoor soccer shoes that do not have cleats on the bottom, but rather a flat surface that is usually made from some type of gum rubber. The reason for this is that many indoor soccer matches are played in gyms where traditional tennis shoes or dark soled shoes could end up scuffing or damaging the floor.

Do You Need To Buy An Expensive Pair of Shoes?

No parent wants to spend a fortune on their child’s first pair of indoor soccer shoes, because there is no guarantee that they will stick with the sport. When you also consider the fact that a child’s feet are going to grow rapidly, you may actually find yourself purchasing a new pair of indoor soccer shoes for your kids on an annual basis.

There are some very reputable companies that sell affordable soccer shoes for kids, which are generally made from synthetic materials. These can be very strong and sturdy and provide your child with the stability, speed, and traction that they need while playing. High-quality leather soccer shoes can be a luxury, but they may not be a true necessity unless you really do have a true star on your hands.

What Features Should You Look For?

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any indoor soccer shoe is its durability. Chances are that your child is going to wear the shoes on a regular basis, and may well wear them out. When you buy affordable shoes, it does not necessarily mean that they do not have high quality construction or the best possible materials.

Indoor soccer shoes tend to be lighter weight than other soccer shoes, and that is definitely the case when it comes to the children’s shoes. Most kids will have a better playing experience indoor with shoes that are made from lightweight materials.

Where Can You Get The Best Deal On Indoor Soccer Shoes For Your Children?

Finding the best indoor soccer shoes for your little ones can be difficult in your local mall or even your local soccer store. The truth is there are now so many different options available that the best place to purchase indoor soccer shoes for soccer shoes of any kind is going to be online. Whether you are looking for extremely affordable soccer shoes for a first-time player or high quality, leather cleats for an experienced player, you will definitely find more options at a better price online.

The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020

What to look for in the ideal pair of Nike indoor soccer shoes

Nike has been associated with soccer for decades, and some of the world’s top players including Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, Neymar of Barcelona and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney all wear shoes bearing the famous swoosh logo. The growing popularity of futsal called for shoes designed specifically for indoor soccer, and Nike now has a wide range of options available ranging from classic styles to the latest contemporary designs.

41IToqgdWTL. SL110  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020
Mercurial Victory V
Our favorite for 2016
41Kp3vjODlL. SL110  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020
Nike Davinho Soccer Shoes
A great value option
41SpWTGM0QL. SL110  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020
Hypervenom Phelon IC
A fantastic indoor cleat

While very few serious soccer players would ever take to the field in a competitive match wearing inappropriate footwear, they may sometimes practice or play indoors in a pair of regular running shoes. Indoor soccer shoes and running shoes often look very much alike at first glance, but a closer inspection will reveal that they are actually very different. Major manufacturers like Nike pack their indoor soccer cleats with advanced technology, and touches often invisible to the naked eye are added to improve traction, maneuverability and ball control. Running shoes or sneakers may be just fine for a casual kick about, but wearing the right shoes for futsal or indoor soccer could be the difference between making the team and sitting on the bench.

Playing soccer indoors often involves working in tight spaces and making sharp turns, and the right futsal shoes will have been designed with this in mind. The choices available to players shopping for indoor Nike soccer shoes may seem bewildering at first, and some may wish to narrow down their options before they begin to shop.


41dO0hLjMnL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Mercurial Victory V IC - The Mercurial Victory V is not for wallflowers as it’s hard not to be noticed in this shoe. Available in colors including pink, yellow and orange, the Mercurial Victory V backs up its space-age styling with a full-length rubber outsole that delivers almost unreal levels of traction. The uppers are made from a combination of genuine leather and synthetic materials, and a contoured sockliner ensures that the Mercury is always comfortable.

41SpWTGM0QL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Hypervenom Phelon IC - Many attacking players love the Hypervenom Phelon IC. Nike designers shortened the shoe’s lace area to increase the strike zone for blistering shots, and the thin synthetic upper feels and fits like a glove. The Hypervenom also features a decoupled outsole made of gum rubber to improve agility and supportive cushioning for a perfect fit. This is one of the most advanced indoor shoes on the market, and it offers players an unparallelled combination of comfort, ball feel and performance. The Hypervenom Phelon IC is available in either green and black or black and white.

41Kp3vjODlL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe - The Nike Davinho is a perfect choice for players who want the traditional looks of classic leather soccer shoes without the associated maintenance hassles. This is a classic Nike design that could easily have been worn by the bygone legends of the game, but looks can be deceiving. The Davinho’s synthetic upper integrates breathable mesh for comfort and its rubber outsole features a multi-directional grip for tight turns and precision passes. The Shoe is made even more comfortable by added cushioning at the heel and forefoot.

41IToqgdWTL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Mercurial Victory V IC CR7 - All serious soccer fans and players know what CR7 means. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the sports brightest stars, and he wears the number seven for the ten-time European Champions Real Madrid. Ronaldo is known for his blistering pace and exquisite touch, and the Mercurial Victory V IC CR7 is designed to enhance these qualities in players with more mortal skills. The micro texture upper provides excellent fit and ball control, and the rubber outsole is designed to allow the near impossible maneuverability that CR7 is known for. Control is further enhanced by an internal cage that locks the foot in place.

41pCXhPY8JL. SL160  The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Nike Tiempo Genio Leather IC - A quilted design and full-length Nike logo give the Tiempo Genio a distinctive look, and a gum rubber outsole and textured forefoot provide exceptional control and ball touch. The shoe features side vents for extra comfort and a Phylon midsole provides additional cushioning. The full-grain leather upper is waterproofed for added durability, and the shoe has recently been redesigned to be lighter and softer than ever.

Buyers guide – how to choose the right Nike soccer indoor shoes for you

Most players want an indoor soccer shoe that can improve their game without breaking the bank. Nike offers a number of good choices, and even their budget styles are packed with innovative technology. Comfort and fit may the most important considerations as players are rarely able to perform at their best in uncomfortable shoes, but durability should not be overlooked. Players perform well when their shoes fit snugly, but not tightly, at the toe and heel, and uppers made of thinner leather or high-technology synthetic materials give players better feel and control.

nike indoor soccer shoes 300x225 The best Nike indoor soccer shoes reviews guide for 2020Price is an important consideration for many buyers, but a higher price does not always indicate more sophisticated technology. Shoes made by leading athletic apparel manufacturers like Nike sell in huge numbers, and this allows soaring research and development costs to be absorbed more easily.

The materials used in a shoe’s construction can also affect fit. Leather uppers may be a little unyielding at first, but they will stretch slightly and become more supple with wear. Synthetic materials are softer when new, and they will generally retain their original properties. While modern athletic shoes are usually made extremely well, they will often last longer when they are taken care of properly. Players should knock loose dirt off their shoes immediately after playing, and they may also wish to place newspaper inside them after returning home. This allows shoes to dry more evenly, and it can also help to maintain shape and fit.

What Kind Of Indoor Soccer Cleats Are Right For You?

There are a few factors that you may want to keep in mind when you are looking at shoes to play indoor soccer in, not least of which is the weight of the shoe. Many indoor shoes tend to be lighter in weight than traditional soccer cleats, due in part to the fact that they do not have studs. But, there are other aspects to indoor cleats that you will appreciate, including their lightweight materials, flexibility, and unique styling.

It is also worth considering the differences between the indoor game and the outdoor game when choosing indoor shoes. The indoor game is likely to require more sprinting, and turning in tighter areas so choosing a shoe with good grip and mobility is essential. Also, indoor games are often played in more humid environments so you’d be well advised to choose a shoe that keeps you feet cool and gives them a chance to breathe.

Nike is now making more indoor cleats than ever before, and what you will notice about them this year is that many of them have a unique and distinctive styling. A lot of these shoes are made to be serious fashion statements, whether they are created in iridescent, fluorescent, or extremely bright colors.

But, it is not just the coloring and styling that has changed with the shoes, since they now incorporate a number of new technologies that make them better on indoor courts. If you are taking your soccer game seriously, then you cannot go wrong with Nike shoes.