The best youth soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020

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Our Guide To Finding The Best Youth Soccer Shoes After 2015

There are a number of things to consider when buying soccer shoes for youth. Of course everyone needs to begin at a price point that they are comfortable with but the good news is that price level doesn’t always coincide with quality level. You may get a great shoe at a lower price than you’d expect.

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Conquisto FG Cleats

Our favorite for 2017
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Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe

A great value option
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adidas Performance F5 FXG J Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

An excellent choice

Search in your desired price range as a starting point, but then look at the details closely. If there are reviews, even better. The trend is for lighter weight shoes, however these do not always last as long as the more traditional weight. For quickly growing children, perhaps you are OK with a shoe that will only last for a season rather than two or three so this may not be an issue for you.

Consider also the type of fit. If you are unable to try the shoes on, ask if your child can try on the shoes of a team mate to rule out shoes that run too narrow or very wide. Generally, there should be a little bit of wiggle room in the toe of the shoe. The toes should not be touching the end of the shoe yet there shouldn’t be too much space either. A good rule of thumb would be to leave just under a centimeter, about a third of an inch, of space.

The most important thing to think about, however, is what kind of pitch your son or daughter will be playing on. The tread range varies for use on hard ground to soft and also artificial turf and indoor surfaces. The wrong tread will leave the player sliding around in mud or tripping over sticky cleats.

Do your research and you should be able to buy some of the best soccer cleats for kids online.


41dR%2BqVTsnL. SL160  The best youth soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Adidas Conquisto FG Cleats – Black with the classic Adidas triple stripe, these soccer shoes are good all-arounders. They have extra traction elements to help kids stick to the pitch. Both the sole and upper are synthetic and there is a removable insole that can be altered to enhance fit. There is a die-cut ethylene vinyl acetate midsole for extra cushioning and the inside of the shoe is lined with very soft fabric. Comes with either blue or pink accents.

The fit is true to size, so the shoes are perhaps not for those with wide feet. They come in both little kid and big kid sizes.

41GDZgPL5gL. SL160  The best youth soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020PUMA Adreno Ground Soccer Shoe – Puma Adreno firm ground soccer shoes have a sleek design that is easy to keep clean. The sole and uppers are synthetic, with the familiar Puma logo on top, at the back, and on the tongue. They are a lightweight and comfortable shoe which runs a little small so sizing up about ˝ a size would ensure a good fit.

The TPU-injected outsole ensures good pressure distribution for added comfort. The bladed stud configuration means they are for use on a natural outdoor pitch. The shoe is available in a number of bright colors as well as the classic black and white.

51b nHbbSML. SL160  The best youth soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Adidas Performance F5 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe – These quirky shoes have a snakeskin appearance and come in black and white or bright orange and black (listed as solar red). The Adidas stripes run vertically down the back of the shoe and they have lace up enclosures. The upper is synthetic but the lining is a soft fabric for comfort and fit.

The soles are rubber which makes them flexible and also suitable for outdoor pitches of both natural and artificial turf. They have the normal narrow fit of a soccer shoe but the tongue is wide and so the laces can be loosened to an extent to accommodate a slightly wider foot. Available in little kid and big kid sizes.

41f5g2vtNUL. SL160  The best youth soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Shoe – The Vizari Infinity shoe comes in a wide variety of cheerful colors. The synthetic uppers are dimpled and slightly metallic in appearance. The sole is rubber for comfort and also to suit both natural and artificial outdoor pitches. The flexibility is especially good for the younger kids as a stiff shoe is not necessary for toddlers. They are able to accommodate a wider foot but it is suggested to go up 1/2 a size.

The shoes come in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes making these some of the best youth cleats for a broad range of ages. The black panels on the upper are painted on and may scratch over time but, for growing kids, these are a great starter shoe.

51Lp5%2B2Ka4L. SL160  The best youth soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe – The Vizari Striker soccer shoe comes in little kid and big kid sizes (ages 4-12) in black and silver or black with pink accents. The synthetic upper is easy to clean and the enclosure is partially covered with a piece of synthetic leather that extends from the tongue so that there are fewer places for mud to cake on to the laces.

The outsole is riveted on as well as stitched for durability. Being an FG (firm ground) model, these shoes are fairly versatile and can be used on real turf or artificial. The molded rubber sole gives flexibility and comfort, especially for younger kids who are not very confident on their feet yet.

Buyers Guide -  How To Choose The Best Kids Soccer Shoes

Although it seems like there are many issues to consider when buying soccer shoes for kids, really, the most important one is comfort. Comfort will allow kids to forget about their footwear and simply enjoy the game. This can be achieved easily by looking at three things: the fit, the material the shoe is made from, and the cleat type.

indoor soccer shoes for kids 300x200 The best youth soccer cleats reviews guide for 2020With fit, it is important to understand that there is very little consistency in soccer shoes. If you buy a particular brand one season and the shoe runs wide, you might find that the very same brand will run narrow in the next season, so it is important to try on shoes whenever possible. Consider foot shape and how it fits into the shoe, snug for support but not tight. You can start by trying on the regular shoe size but be prepared to go up or down as you determine that there is ample support and also a little bit of room between the end of the toe and the shoe.

Choosing what material the upper should be can feel overwhelming, kangaroo leather, natural leather, synthetic, mesh…where to begin? Once your young person gets more serious all these choices can come into play but, for now, synthetic is the best way to go. It will resist mud and water, is easily cleanable, and is durable. Also, synthetic uppers are more economical and, for growing feet, this is important.

The last thing to consider is cleat type. This is an easy one. Unless your kids will be playing on an indoor pitch, molded cleats are the best. They are easy to clean and will help feet get traction on muddy pitches without breaking the bank.

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