The Best Puma Soccer Cleats reviews guide for 2020

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Our Guide to Finding the Ideal Puma Soccer Shoe

Puma soccer cleats come in different styles and models, and what you choose is likely to†have an impact on your play. The best way to figure out which cleats are right is to compare them and determine which surface theyíre most suited for. Some of these cleats are built with speed in mind while others are designed to offer full protection.

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PUMA Men’s Evospeed 4.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Our favorite for 2017
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PUMA Men’s Adreno Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

A great value option
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PUMA Men’s Esquadra Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Excellent firm ground shoes

Deciding what to buy ultimately comes down to two things: the surface that youíre going to play at and how much ypu rely on touch in your game. You need to answer these questions first as theyíre going to help you find the best Puma shoes. Some of their cleats are for firm ground while others are for soft ground, indoor, turf or hard ground.

A lot of their cleats have a responsive design and conform to your feet so theyíre comfortable to wear, and while different types for men and women are available, some features and elements are commonplace including the light weight, the solid design and comfort.

The highlight of these cleats is their ability to provide comfort, balance and grip without sacrificing performance and durability. If this is your first time to buy cleats from Puma, itís essential you read the product description to get an idea of how the cleat works and where itís most effective. To help you make that decision weíve rounded up their top 5 cleats so you can get an idea of their features and benefits.


41kpWtp FGL. SL160  The Best Puma Soccer Cleats reviews guide for 2020PUMA Men’s Evospeed 4.3 Firm-Ground Soccer Shoe – Puma king cleats like the Evospeed gained a wide following due to their build and quality. The soles are synthetic and designed for long term use, and at the medial you will see the Puma callout. A quick look at the cleats also indicates the Puma Formstrip can be found on the cleated outsole and the lateral side, and the EvoSPEED callout is at the heel counter and toe vamp. These cleats also make use of the SpeedCELL design so itís lighter than other cleats but is more responsive, something all players want.

41d0zLbwoSL. SL160  The Best Puma Soccer Cleats reviews guide for 2020PUMA Men’s Adreno Firm Ground Soccer Cleat – The Adreno is fitted with manmade soles and made from the highest quality synthetic materials to ensure quality. The cleat is durable yet lightweight, and its bicycle-toe stitching and plush collar add comfort even when playing for long periods. The cleats also have lace up closure for your convenience and stud pressure distribution that makes it ideal for use on firm surfaces.

The Adreno also has a soft PU upper and thanks to the traditional lace closure the cleats will fit your feet in nicely without any slip. The cleats also have padded collars that provide additional protection regardless how you play the game.

41G8DS5Dh4L. SL160  The Best Puma Soccer Cleats reviews guide for 2020PUMA Men’s Esquadra Firm-Ground Soccer Shoe – The Esquadra cleats have a specially made synthetic sole and the Signature PUMA Formstrips at the outer side, plus it has a nice logo-accented tongue and lace up for your convenience. Not only do the shoes have several features, but they also fit well, they’re not too snug and not too loose either.

When you wear these shoes the first thing you will notice is how comfortable they are and how much traction they provide. More than the aesthetics and extra features however, these cleats are built to last and wonít give up on you in the middle of the game.

41gv0BIPLnL. SL160  The Best Puma Soccer Cleats reviews guide for 2020PUMA Men’s Evospeed 2.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe – The Evospeed 2.3 is designed for both amateur and professionals, and one of the main features is the soft microfiber upper that provides just the right level of comfort while youíre playing. Puma is also aware that lightness and speed are of the essence, so in spite of all the extra features the cleats are light and wonít drag your feet.

The cleats also incorporate the Grip-Tex print for better ball control even in diverse playing conditions. Another notable feature here is the PEBAX technology that maximizes flexibility while reducing the weight.

41U7NYHccEL. SL160  The Best Puma Soccer Cleats reviews guide for 2020PUMA evoPOWER 4 Firm-Ground JR Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid) – The evoPOWER 4 is the choice for players who want comfortable and lightweight shoes/cleats to help improve their accuracy and energy. The upper part of the cleats is made of durable, soft and synthetic materials, while the insole consists of EVA for superior comfort and protection. There is also rubber molded outsole, and the bladed stud set up is suitable for dry, natural and hard surfaces. The evoPOWER 4 is not only feature packed, but itís light and comfortable as well, and the quality means itís going to last a while.

Buyers Guide – How to Choose the Right Puma Soccer Cleat for You

There are a lot of factors that you need to mull over, but what it all comes down to in the end is†the uppers and the outsoles. The outsoles are the part that makes contact with the ground, and there are different outsoles for playing in different fields.

football boot collection 300x200 The Best Puma Soccer Cleats reviews guide for 2020Molded and firm ground outsoles are ideal for playing in a number of different outdoor playing fields. By far the most popular are firm ground outside soccer cleats as they come in different forms including conical and bladed studs.

Replaceable and soft ground outsoles are most appropriate for soft pitching or natural pitches that have just been subjected to some heavy rain. There are many differences between soft and ground outsoles and other variants, but what it all comes down to is the soft ground cleats have fewer studs but are well distributed and fewer. These studs are typically detachable and longer compared to other types.

Hard ground cleats are meant for use on hard surfaces as well as artificial ones. These types usually have plenty of short studs that are set across the entire outsole. If you play soccer during the winter and when it snows, these cleats will become important.

When youíre searching for cleats like the Puma Evospeed soccer cleats, itís of the utmost importance to do your research and make certain that itís built for the purpose you have in mind so there are no problems later.


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