The best kangaroo leather cleats reviews guide for 2020

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Our Guide To Finding The Best Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleats

When selecting the proper pair of soccer cleats there are a several things to consider. The main factor will usually be the question of what type of uppers to go with, the most popular options being kangaroo leather, calfskin, and full-grain or cow leather. Each have their advantages and drawbacks.

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Copa Mundial Cleats

Our favorite for 2017
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Adidas Men’s Gloro FG Cblack/Ftwwht/Cblack Soccer Cleat 7 Men US

A great value option
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Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio Leather FG Green Strike/Grn Strk/Blk/Blk Soccer Cleat 8.5 Men US

Great cleats from Nike

Kangaroo cleats are the one of the most popular choices and remain the preference of many professional soccer players all over the world. The leather is extremely thin and soft, requiring little or no time break in. While not as durable as full-grain leather or calf, kangaroo leather is very soft and molds to the foot as if it were a second skin.

For many years, Adidas kangaroo leather soccer cleats have set the standard for excellence in this category. While generally more expensive, few serious players would be without a pair. However, that does not mean excluding the other options.

Soccer cleats made with calfskin or full-grain leather have earned their place as well. Unlike kangaroo leather, which can absorb a large amount of moisture, full-grain leather and calfskin offer an increased resistance to water and will not get weighed down in damp playing conditions. Both types of leather are more tough and will last longer than kangaroo leather, however, more time will be needed to fully break in.

Ideally, a serious soccer player will have cleats of both kinds, as the best one for the occasion will depend upon the playing conditions. Full-grain leather and calfskin cleats are certainly better for rainy days, so it is good to have a pair around regardless of one’s preference.


417FgMu7pmL. SL160  The best kangaroo leather cleats reviews guide for 2020Adidas Performance Copa Mundial – The Adidas Performance Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe is one of the best-selling and most well made kangaroo cleats in the world. For decades, the sturdy construction and precision crafting have made Adidas kangaroo leather soccer cleats a popular choice for many legendary players.

The direct-injected, dual-density rubber outsole delivers maximum traction on the field. The EVA foam insoles provide cushioning without compromising support. The uppers are made with superior kangaroo leathers that quickly conform to the foot, resulting in a natural feel as well as an excellent level of control. A synthetic lining offers additional comfort and protection for a durable and long-lasting soccer shoe.

41QJMUzAweL. SL160  The best kangaroo leather cleats reviews guide for 2020Nike Premier Soccer Cleat – The Nike Premier Soccer Cleat is another favorite on the field, primarily because of the flexible soleplate and intuitive stud configuration. The conical studs are trimmed to allow a more rapid release when pushing off, while an oval-shaped stud in the center of the forefoot functions as a brake. The soleplate flexes down the length of the forefoot instead of relying on a hinge, creating a gradual, supportive bend with minimal drag that will grip excellently on any type of playing surface.

The kangaroo leather uppers are exceptionally thin, reducing the weight of the shoe and assuring a soft yet snug fit. The quarter and heel panels are constructed from goat leather for extra strength and comfort.

41fhFG9BY%2BL. SL160  The best kangaroo leather cleats reviews guide for 2020Diadora Brasil ClassicDiadora’s Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleat are built to be durable while still offering a high degree of comfort and performance. The uppers are made with water-resistant kangaroo leather for added protection against the elements and an anti-stretch lining maintains the perfect fit and extends the life of the shoe.

The EVA insoles are softly cushioned to help absorb the shock from sudden impacts, as well as provide comfort during long competitions. The outsoles are made with dual-density polyurethane for stability and the cleats are positioned and sized for optimal performance across a variety of playing surface conditions.

41Vb7aRKx7L. SL160  The best kangaroo leather cleats reviews guide for 2020Adidas Gloro – The Adidas Gloro FG Soccer Cleats have a thoroughly classic look with all the comfort and performance a modern cleat has to offer. The kangaroo leather uppers are stitched to create a padded forefoot for power and control. The tongue design was brought back by popular demand, and can now be wrapped under multiple areas for an individualized style of wear.

The soleplate has also been upgraded to flex in any direction. The flexibility extends down through the mid-foot without sacrificing stability or comfort. The triangular studs are positioned around the edge of the outsole, with one in the middle for braking. These are ideal for firm ground play but will also perform well on artificial ground.

41ttZVUqnmL. SL160  The best kangaroo leather cleats reviews guide for 2020Nike Tiempo Genio – Nike’s Tiempo Genio Leather Soccer Shoes are made with natural, full-grain leather for unsurpassed durability in this core level cleat. This supple, water-resistant leather conforms to the foot for excellent feel and control of the ball.

The outsole’s TPU plate has both bladed and conical studs to create the best traction while minimizing stud pressure. The EVA sock liner is die-cut and further reduces pressure from the studs. A high-density midsole provides the necessary support, reducing fatigue during long matches.

For those who want to stand out on the field, these cleats are available in a striking green color as well as the traditional black with white swoop.

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Right Pair Of Kangaroo Leather Soccer Shoes

Hopefully the information presented so far has been helpful and will provide a basic but solid understanding of what to look for when buying soccer cleats. There are, however, a few additional factors to consider in order to make the best possible choice.

football boot collection 300x200 The best kangaroo leather cleats reviews guide for 2020The first and most important thing to remember is that sizing often varies from brand to brand. Most online retailers will have some kind of system that allows visual scaling of the shoes to determine the proper size.

As well as the length of the foot, the width should also be taken into account for best possible fit. Some brands, particularly those with a ‘European fit’ will offer more width in the forefoot which allows the foot to spread out naturally while still maintaining a snug fit around the heel.

Kangaroo leather is great for those with wider feet due to its softness and flexibility, however, the material can sometimes stretch too much. Because of this, it is advisable to go with a more snug fit when opting for kangaroo cleats.

Another consideration would be the weather or playing conditions most commonly met with. If play frequently occurs in damp or rainy environments then perhaps it is better to go with calfskin or full-grain leather. Those with access to indoor play areas or living regions with reliably dry weather will probably want to take advantage of the comfort and control that kangaroo leather in known for.

Though personal experience is ultimately the best guide, it is also a good idea to ask others what has worked well for their style of play and why. Though everyone can differ, there will be plenty of overlap and many will require the same features to bring their best game.

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