5 Fantastic Soccer Cleat Cleaning Tips

Cleaning soccer cleats is not fun, but doing it regularly is not only going to keep your cleats looking great but it will also make them last significantly longer. Here are 5 great tips that will make the cleat cleaning process as painless as possible.

Taking Them Off

nike mercurial soccer cleats 300x200 5 Fantastic Soccer Cleat Cleaning TipsOne important tip for keeping your cleats in excellent condition is to take them off right away. Do not wear them on hard surfaces like concrete. Hard surfaces will wear down the spikes, which you definitely don’t want.

After you take them off, don’t just throw them in a bag. Your cleats need to breathe. This will help not only with the smell, but will also help prevent bacteria growth.

If you have leather cleats, you should also avoid heat. When you’re not playing, try to avoid placing your cleats near a heating vent or in direct sunlight. This is important because heat will dry out the leather.

Gather the Right Tools

There are many different products out there for taking care of cleats. There are very simple options like a toothbrush, a rag, and some dish soap or even just hot water. Or, there are full kits you can purchase that come with brushes, sponges, cleanser, and polish. There are also tools designed to help you quickly and easily get dirt and dried mud off.

The best tools for you are the ones that you’ll use. Check in with other soccer players you know and see what they think about whatever products they are using. You could even ask to borrow some of their products to test them out.

Go the more simple DIY route or invest in some tools made specifically for the job, but either way, it’s important to have a kit with everything you need. Then you’ll be ready to clean your cleats when you need to.

When to Clean

It’s best to not let your cleats sit dirty for too long. Time will just allow the dirt and grime to sink in. This is especially true for leather cleats. If you can, clean them right away. That way they’ll be fresh and ready to go the next time you need them.

Don’t Forget the Details

turf shoes 300x199 5 Fantastic Soccer Cleat Cleaning TipsThere are a lot of little crevices that like to hold on to dirt and grime. Use a toothbrush and pay attention to these little spots. If you’re going to the trouble of cleaning your cleats, you might as well do the job all the way. Don’t ignore the laces either. You’ll be glad you paid attention to the details when you see how great your cleats look at the end.

Finish with Newspaper

When you’ve finished cleaning your cleats, your job isn’t quite done. Stuffing your cleats with newspaper will help draw out any excess moisture and will also help them retain their shape. If your cleats have an odor problem, you might want to add a deodorizer as well.

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