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football boot collection From Adidas F50s to Nike Mercurials   men and womens soccer cleats

Soccer is a great game and those of us who have been bit by the soccer bug can’t get enough of it, whether it’s playing the game or watching our favorite team. As soccer has become more and more popular and technology has improved the range of soccer gear that you can buy has just grown and grown and we are now at a point where it can be genuinely dizzying having to decide on your next pair of cleats.

Helping you make an informed choice

The soccer gear reviews website was set up to help you with your soccer equipment choices. Whether you’re thinking of buying a new pair of cleats for yourself or your child or goalkeeping gloves, or maybe thinking of improving your skills with a soccer rebounder we’d like to think that we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding answers about your next purchase.

Reviews, comparisons charts and more

Here at soccer gear reviews we like to think that’s there more than one way to help you with your buying decisions, so we try to give you everything you need to make an informed buying choice. So whether it’s providing you with up to date reviews of the latest equipment, or giving you a comparison chart so you can instantly see the differences between all the cleats on the market we hope to have everything you need right here. We also try to cater for different budgets, so if you’re looking for shoes under 100 dollars  (or even a bit cheaper) or looking for the most expensive cleats you can get we hope we can help. Similarly, we realize that a one size fits all approach doesn’t always work so, if you have particularly wide feet, or you want the best value goalkeeping gloves on the market or maybe you’re looking to protect your shins or you have dodgy knee then we have the articles that can (hopefully) help.

Beyond the jargon

We got tired of visiting sites soccer (and futsal) shoe sites that just listed jargon and gave you no sense of context or history about the products you were thinking about buying. So, we always try to give you product descriptions in plain English and provide opinions written by people who have played soccer themselves and want you to find the gear that will suit you best.

So, what have we been talking about recently? Here’s a selection of our most popular articles from the the last few months –

Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

nike indoor soccer shoes 150x150 From Adidas F50s to Nike Mercurials   men and womens soccer cleatsThe indoor game continues to take off with indoor leagues becoming more and more popular for both adults and children. Whilst people may struggle to commit to the 2 two to three hours required to play a full 90 minute game on the weekends, the opportunity to play a short 30 minute game on an evening or after work is something that appeals to many casual players. Add to this to the fact that the indoor game can help improve your close control skills and you have a very appealing pastime on your hands.

Indoor soccer brings with it subtle differences to it’s outdoor cousin, played on harder surfaces with less time on the ball.  The shoes or cleats used to play indoors need to be lightweight whilst giving stability and coolness to the indoor players feet. For this reason indoor shoes are often constructed of lightweight malleable materials such as kangaroo leather.

We take all of these considerations into account when reviewing the latest indoor soccer shoes from Nike, and we find a number of pairs of shoes that will likely greatly enhance your indoor game. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as controlling a bright yellow indoor ball before blasting it past one of your work mates in goal. Why not read our article to find out what shoes will help you to do this.

Lionel Messi’s Cleats

lionel messi 150x150 From Adidas F50s to Nike Mercurials   men and womens soccer cleatsThere’s long been a debate between both casual and professional soccer players as to what extent the  cleats you wear can affect the game you play. As cleats become more and more advanced it maybe gets harder to argue that the shoes you wear do not give you at least some advantages on the field, but, how about wearing the same cleats as your favorite soccer star?

Some might argue that the players they pick as their favourites will likely characterise some of their own on field characteristics, hard tackling defenders or midfielders might pick a sturdy yet elegant center back or holding player as their favorite player, trickier forward players may go for a fleet footed winger or  a lightening fast striker. Taking this into consideration,  choosing the same cleats as your favorite player may well be a sensible choice, the qualities that your idol values in a boot may very well suit you as well.

Having heard all of these debates we decided to look at the cleats worn by maybe the greatest player in the world at the moment, Lionel Messi (we’ve taken a look at the boots worn the player who maybe be pushing him for that title as well!). Does wearing Messi’s boots make you a better player, why not read our article and find out?

Women’s Soccer Cleats

womens soccer cleats 150x150 From Adidas F50s to Nike Mercurials   men and womens soccer cleatsWomen’s soccer seems to increase in popularity with each year that passes.  We’ve recently witnessed big English Premier League teams in the UK such as Manchester City and Liverpool making huge investments in their women’s teams, which, in turn, helps to give the women’s game a much higher profile.

As the profile of the game increases, cleat manufacturers clamour to bring the next breed of cleats to the women’s game, and there is now a mouth watering selection of  women’s cleats and indoor soccer shoes on the market.

We like to keep you up to date here at soccer gear reviews so we’ve recently written an article looking at the latest and greatest women’s cleats from all the top soccer shoe manufacturers. Why not take a look at the article now and see what a new pair of cleats could add to your game?

How can I become a better soccer player?

improve your soccer game 150x150 From Adidas F50s to Nike Mercurials   men and womens soccer cleatsMost soccer players want to get better at playing soccer. Sure, we all enjoy playing the game for the games sake but at the back of our minds there’s always that desire to improve. When you think about the last game you played, what gave you the most pleasure? A great goal? A last minute tackle? Or maybe you’re a goalkeeper and you made a terrific save to keep your team in the game. It’s moments like these that make playing soccer such an addictive pastime and the only way to get involved in more moments is to become a better player.

The problem for a lot of us is the games that we take part in do not help us become better players. To learn a skill properly you need to take part in ‘purposeful practice’ which means practicing at a level that is just above your natural talents, by doing this you are likely to see an improvement in your skill level. Too many of us take part in casual kick abouts that don’t stretch us, so we never increase our soccer skills.

So, if you do want to improve, what can you do? Well, it’s certainly not easy to just go out and find your own personal soccer coach, coaches are in short supply and it’s very hard to find someone who will give you one-to-one coaching. One solution that many people are turning to is online-coaching courses that provide easy to follow drills that you can complete in order to improve your game. We recently to look at one such training program, Matt Smith’s ‘Epic Soccer Training’ to see if it could improve your game.

Turf Soccer Shoes

Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports, and the game is now often played indoors or on synthetic surfaces. Traditional cleats are not appropriate for playing on turf, and athletic apparel manufacturers including, adidas, Nike and Puma have developed soccer shoes designed specifically for sand based or 3G artificial pitches.

turf shoes 150x150 From Adidas F50s to Nike Mercurials   men and womens soccer cleatsOlder sand based artificial surfaces are unyielding, and soccer shoes with flat rubber soles are best for this kind of pitch. The newer 3G synthetic surfaces contain rubber pellets to provide a feel similar to natural grass, and athletic shoes with rows of soft rubber studs allow players to maneuver easily and turn sharply on these pitches. While these newer artificial surfaces may feel like a traditional grass field, players should still wear shoes designed specifically for use on them. Shoes with a bladed soleplate can cause serious knee injuries when worn on these pitches.

Soccer shoes designed for use on synthetic surfaces are available with either traditional or modern styling, and many feature innovative technology such as proprietary stud designs or memory foam insoles. Buyers can choose from shoes with supple leather uppers that will give slightly with wear or durable synthetic materials that keep their shape and are easier to maintain. Choosing the right shoes for playing soccer on artificial surfaces involves setting a budget, choosing a style and deciding what kind of athletic technology is best suited to an individual’s playing style.

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